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Entry 12 - January 30, 2009
My Little Razzberry!

Will in his playroomProbably the biggest news to is that Will has a new trick! He can make razzing sounds with his tongue. He finds this especially charming and likes to razz all of the time now.

It started with me making a buzzing noise with my lips. The noise made him laugh, so I kept doing it, and he kept laughing. After about a week of this, I was changing him one morning and he made the same noise! I thought at first it was an accident, but I laughed and he kept doing it. It was wonderful to watch the way he had taught himself something new. Now, he makes the noise all of the time, and I know it's only a matter of time until he realizes how fun it is to make that noise while eating. The other night, he did wake up just once at about 5 AM. I usually let him fuss for a few minutes to see if he can self-soothe, but he had been crying for about five minutes, so I got up to go get him. By the time I reached his door, the crying had stopped. I paused for a moment, wondering what the new noise was that he was making. . . he was razzing! He soothed himself to sleep with his razzies!

On the eating front, thank you for the e-mail tips with constipation. He adores pear juice, so we are mixing 2 oz. of that with 2 oz. of warm water every afternoon and it seems to work great. He has also surprised me several times by going in the tub, so I think the warm water is relaxing to him. It's not that sanitary, however, so I am experimenting putting a warm wash cloth over his tummy before we put him in the tub for an easier clean up. That hasn't worked as well, but I am hoping for more success in the future.

Will eatsSleeping . . . ah, it's been wonderful! He has consistently been sleeping from 7ish to 7ish for well over a week now (or if he does wake up, he usually fusses for a couple of minutes like in the razzing story and goes back to sleep before I even get to him). My husband has taken over the bedtime "routine," which we have really been able to pare down. It used to take about an hour from start to finish, but now, he actually seems to want to be put in his crib and is eager to get on with the show. I will bathe him (usually about fifteen to twenty minutes), then Mike gives him a massage, puts on his jammies, and reads a couple of books to him (about ten to fifteen minutes total) and then it's crib time. Sometimes, he starts to fuss as he is reading to him, and that's his sign he is ready for bed. Mike says he actually smiles as he is put in bed now. We still do a nap time routine, but it's also only about ten to fifteen minutes long and then he will sleep a good hour plus, sometimes even two! I can't believe this is the same little guy that used to have to be held constantly. Our days have taken on a routine of sorts, which I have to say makes it much easier to get things done. I try to get most of my housework done during his morning nap, our errands in between his morning and afternoon nap, and then have some "me time" during his second nap. His bedtime is also perfect because it gives Mike the opportunity to spend just a little time with him before bed, but also gives us some time as a couple before we turn in.

My breasts have also gotten the message that their nighttime services are no longer needed, so although they are full by the morning, it's not as painful as it had been for awhile and I am not soaking through as many breast pads. Strangely enough, it kind of makes me a little sad that he no longer "needs" me as much at night. I think part of the problem with the multiple wake ups at night is that you don't know if you are ever going to get a full night's rest again. I hated going to bed not knowing if I would get two or eight hours of sleep. Now, I am fairly confident that I will get a full night's rest, which is definitely wonderful, but there was something special about those late-night moments of just for the two of us.

Of course, now that we are on a fairly predictable routine, I imagine something else is going to come along and throw a monkey wrench in it. Teething . . . a cold, perhaps. . . or maybe another growth spurt? My hope is, however, that having already had some success with nap times and bedtimes will allow us to clear the hurdles a bit faster in the future and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel . . . no matter how distant it might seem at times.

Big playtime roomIt's a good thing that Will is getting easier to manage, because I am getting busier with house stuff. I broke our stove this week. I turned on the broiler and the oven popped like loud fireworks and then started smoking. When Mike got home, he though maybe I had just burned out the broiler element, so he went to unplug the stove, and blue sparks came arcing out. Then, all of the lights on the cooktop went out, so we figured it was a true goner. We are in the process of buying a new one, but I am trying to get the best deal out there. Our refrigerator is also on its last legs and our dishwasher has been acting up for a bit, too, so we are trying to get a whole new set so we can get some discounts. Meanwhile, I have to be creative about how to make dinners without an oven or cooktop. It's a little challenging, but I have a griddle, a toaster oven, and a microwave, so we're doing okay so far. Luckily, I can steam all of Will's veggies in the microwave as I bought some of those steam baggies at the store.

I also made a playroom for Will this week as well. We had been given so many toys by so many generous people, but we didn't really have a good place for all of them. I cleared out an area of our formal living room to organize as his area. He really seems to like it as it is a brightly lit room and he has plenty of room to roll. I love that it is right by the kitchen so I can keep an eye on him while I am making dinner.

I think that's it for this week. It seems as if we have accomplished a lot lately, which feels great!

~ Katie

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