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Entry 15 - April 11, 2009
Spring Fever

Sleeping WillWe live in the suburbs of Seattle, which is famous for its rain. But ask anyone who lives here and we think it doesn't rain so much as drizzle. And it is gray, gray, gray during the winter. However, the reason that we put up with the doldrums of the wintry, rainy months is because the spring and summertime seasons are so beautiful.

Monday was one of those amazing spring days, hitting highs in the upper 70s. There was not a cloud in the crystal blue sky and the air had the sweet smell of flowers. I am lucky to live in a neighborhood with three other SAHMs. My best friend, C, lives just up the driveway from me, and then two others live just down the street. We get together often throughout the week and we start Mondays off with brunch. This week was my turn to host and I was even able to open the windows and let the fresh air in as a I set out coffee cake and fruit for my friends. I do have to add here, although this sounds like the cliche of SAHMs sitting around eating and drinking coffee, let me assure you that not a lot of sitting or eating takes place on our parts. We spend most of the time feeding our children, running around after them, and making sure that everyone shares their toys nicely. Despite the fact that things do tend to get a bit hectic on playdates, it is still fun to hang around with other moms and their kids and get some interaction.

bubbles!After brunch and Will's morning nap, we drove down to Mike's work and took an hour long walk over his lunch break. It was so nice to be out along the Sammamish River trail, enjoying the warm sunny weather. After that, we went back home for another nap and then went over to one of the other neighbor's house for a bubble party. Her little girl had just turned one and got a new pool, bubble machine, and sand toys, so we filled the pool with warm water and Will got in his bathing suit for the first time and got to play in the pool. He was fascinated by the bubbles and also a particular sand shovel that he didn't want to share.

We ended the day by grilling prawns on the BBQ and having corn on the cob and salad. I also made a rice pilaf and Will got to have his first taste of non-baby rice. He thought it was pretty yummy and ate all of my portion and then some more!

BubblesIt was a perfect day in so many ways and I kept thinking, "This is my wonderful life. How did I get so lucky?!" I almost felt the urge to pinch myself, because it seemed almost like a dream. My wake up call was coming . . .

Tuesday dawned, also a lovely day, and Will had a slightly runny nose and seemed a little flushed. I took his temperature, but it was normal. We had another busy day, filled with a trip to Target and the grocery store, and I made us a picnic lunch to eat in the backyard. By the end of the day, however, Will's nose had gotten runnier and his flushed cheeks and lack of interest in eating dinner made me take his temperature again. This time, it was 102 degrees - his first "real" temperature. Our pediatrician had said to give Will baby Tylenol for a fever over 101.5 degrees, so I gave him some Tylenol and some Pedialyte, and he went to bed early . . . only to wake up three hours later, screaming and thrashing around in his crib. I went to get him and he was so hot to the touch that I took his temperature again to find it was up to 104.3! I was a little worried because it seemed a bit high with the Tylenol, but I just gave him more Pedialyte. He was very obviously sick and I probably got no more than an hour of sleep that night.

Wednesday morning, his temperature was still 104.3, so I called the pediatrician's office and they told us to come in. We headed to the doctor in the afternoon, where his temperature had finally gone down to 101 degrees and the pediatrician told us we could add Motrin to get his fever down more. Other than that, she felt that it was a virus and there was nothing that could be done for him, other than comfort care and keeping him hydrated. Fortunately, he was all about the liquids, and for the first time since starting solids, he wanted nothing to do with them. Will refused to nap by himself and all he wanted to do was nurse, nurse, nurse. My breasts haven't been so sore since the early days of breastfeeding. I was happy to let him get all the snuggles and cuddles that he wanted, because it also meant that I got to lay down!

WillWednesday and Thurday nights were more of the same, with very little sleep for me and a very clingy, grumpy Will. I had to admit there was some irony in having the perfect day on Monday and now being back to the sleepless, harried feeling of the newborn days. The difference now, of course, is that I have come to realize that everything - good and bad - is a phase. Just when I think we've gotten something down pat, like sleeping or eating, Will switches it up on us. Just when I can't take another sleepless night, he sleeps through. With time and a little experience as a Mom, I don't panic as much now when things change, because I know they will change again. And again. And again.

I also am learning to treasure these moments because they do go by so fast. It's not always easy, when I am operating on an hour of sleep, but I did take the time to watch him sleeping peacefully as I held him, knowing that he will only be this little for such a short time. He won't always want or need me to cuddle him and I won't always be able to make it all better, so I am trying very hard to make the most of the time that I can.

It is now Saturday and he is starting to feel better. He is eating again, though still not as much as usual, and slept from 8 til 4 last night, which is our longest stretch in a few days. He is actually in his crib for his morning nap, also for the first time in a few days. He is still congested and we are on the fence about whether to go to Mike's family for Easter as planned tomorrow. Part of me would like to stay home and just relax and let him finish getting the rest he needs, but part of me knows how much his grandmothers are looking forward to their first Easter with the little guy. We will make our decision in the morning, based on how he is feeling.

I hope all of you have wonderful Easters and are enjoying your own beautiful spring days!

~ Katie

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