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Entry 23 - January 15, 2010
Busy Boy, Busy Days

Will with SantaThings have been pretty busy around our house, lately!

Will is MOVING. Yes, he has been walking for a few months, but there is a difference now. He is into everything. I can't turn my back for a second or he will get into some sort of trouble. Pre-parenthood, my husband and I had decided that we wouldn't babyproof our house. We'd been to all of our friends' houses and struggled with crazy locks on cabinets, pulls on drawers, catches on toilets, straps on the refrigerator; it could make a person crazy! I should know, because I am now wrestling with my own set of safety devices throughout my house. Whatever it takes to keep Will safe, and I am almost used to them now. It will teach us to never say never.

He is talking more and more each day, not just words, but simple sentences now, my favorite one being, "I love Mommy." If you ask him his name, he proudly announces, "Will!" and points to himself. He can tell me his preference for pancakes or waffles for breakfast, grilled cheese or a quesadilla for lunch. He eats his food with a fork and spoon (messily, but he is getting more in his mouth than down his front).

Christmas was so much fun this year. He loved the "tee" and loved turning on the lights every afternoon. He had his own ornaments on branches he could reach, and he would gently place one finger on each one, announcing "choo choo," "car," and "monkey." He has a "Cars" book that he got for his birthday and loved Lightening McQueen and Mater, so we got him several toys of that theme, including small stuffed versions that he sleeps with every night. His favorite present, however, was a set of red rubber rainboots that he loves to wear, no matter the weather.

He has discovered airplanes and will stop dead in his tracks no matter what he is doing when he hears one fly overhead. He stops, tosses both hands up to the sky and yells, "Airplane!" We took him to the zoo for the first time last week and although he enjoyed the animals, his favorite part was the many airplanes that flew over, as the zoo is in the flight path for the Seatac Aiport.

Discipline has been a main concern of mine since Will was about 9 months old. My goal is to have a well-behaved child. How to get there is where I am not quite as sure. I want to strike a balance between being too strict and not being strict enough. Right now, Will still seems pretty sensitive to a stern command, but if that fails, we have introduced the time out. Usually, once a day, we end up in timeout for hitting, climbing on the stairs after I have told him no, or just general misbehavior. He sits in the corner on a small rug (I have to stay there to make sure he stays there, too) for one minute. When the timer goes off, I make him say "sorry." Most of the time, these seems to work really well, but one night, he was in timeout six times back to back and I was starting to second-guess myself and the tactic. But we persevered and the next day, he put himself in timeout after hitting me. I think he is starting to understand the consequence of misbehavior. I know that he is going to have more frustration and behavior issues as he gets older. I am doing research now so that I am prepared to handle it. Any discipline or parenting strategies are very appreciated. Really, he is such a good boy most of the time, but I know the Terrible Twos are on the horizon, and even a good kid needs guidance and boundaries.

Really, we are just so blessed with this little one. We have challenging days, but for the most part, he is pretty easy on us. He eats, he sleeps, he plays, he laughs, he loves. He is just so happy. The other day, I was at the grocery store, and a young woman stopped to engage with him. After a few minutes, she turned to me and said, "Gosh, he is just the type of baby that makes me want to have kids!" I get that a lot from people, compliments on his wide smile, infectious laugh, or good behavior. I always swell with a bit of parental pride. I hope we are as lucky the next time around. . .

ultrasoundThat's right, the next time around, which is going to be this summer. In November, we discovered that we are pregnant again! After taking so long to conceive and then successfully carry Will to term, we threw out the birth control pills when Will was 13 months old, knowing it might take awhile. We wanted to see what would happen if we tried on our own, but were prepared for some disappointments and then to eventually move to using assisted reproduction again. We were surprised to conceive just a couple of months later, on our own, no pills, needles, doctors, or surgeries. We were still very cautious, however, as getting pregnant was not a problem for us in the past. I had a couple of scary spotting episodes early in the pregnancy and an ultrasound at 7 1/2 weeks had the baby measuring a week behind with a slightly slow heartrate. This had happened to us with a prior loss, so I was convinced the pregnancy was doomed. But at 11 weeks, another scan showed the baby measuring on track with the heartrate just where it should be. Our little one entertained us by dancing, turning, and even offering a wave to the camera. . . another ham in the making, like his or her big brother!

I was very sick with "morning sickness," even more so than with Will. I am still feeling sick, but it does seem to be letting up, which I am grateful for. There were a couple of really difficult weeks, trying to balance feeling so sick with being a mom to an active toddler, but we somehow made it through.

We told our families at Christmas when we were late in the first trimester, and then we told our friends and extended family as we entered the second. Everyone has been thrilled for us and we are excited, too. I am nervous about having two, especially during the newborn phase, but I know that it's done every day, all the world over, and that we can do it, too. I am also just so thankful and feel so blessed that we are able to have another baby, when at one time, I didn't think we would ever even be lucky enough to have one. I know there will be challenges in parenting two, but there will also be a lot of love in our house. Love and a bit of craziness, that is!

I hope all of you had wonderful holidays and are doing well.

~ Katie

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