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Entry 24 - March 24, 2010
It's a . . .

WillWell, I have been a terrible parenting journalist these past few months. I'm not going to lie: pregnancy with a toddler has really been kicking me to the curb. The first trimester was rough with morning (nope, all day) sickness and endless fatigue. The second trimester definitely has me feeling better, but I am still exhausted. I will try to be better about updating, however, because so much is happening!

WillFirst, in Will news: He is 19 months old and still busy as ever. He is talking up a storm. He loves anything train, airplane, or car. He loves chasing our dogs around the house. He is doing much better with his separation anxiety. We were even able to get away for an afternoon while he stayed with his grandma this last weekend. He is generally a very sweet and loving little boy . . . with the occasional temper tantrum thrown in for good measure. Lately, we've also been dealing with some recurrent sinus infections with him and when he is not feeling well, he is obviously grumpy, but we're working on getting that resolved.

UltrasoundBack in December, we took him to a pediatric allergist, thinking that the chronic stuffies were some sort allergy. He tested negative (skin test reaction) on all major allergens, including milk protein and cat and dog fur. Blood and skin tests really aren't that reliable until after age 2, but it's usually a good sign when nothing comes up. While we were talking to the allergist, it came up that Mike had enlarged adenoids as a child, so she recommended an x-ray to see if Will's were also enlarged. The x-ray was inconclusive but did suggest they were enlarged, so the next step was a MRI. The MRI showed significant enlargement and also a terrible sinus infection. The pediatric allergest said it was the worst one she had seen in her entire practice (she's young, but still!) and put him on three weeks of antibiotics.

Ultrasound profileHe cleared up from that one, but then had another, and our pediatrician isn't happy with both the enlarged adenoids and the recurrent sinus infections. She has referred us to a pediatric ear, nose, and throat specialist at Seattle Children's Hospital, and we'll be following up with him in May. Poor little guy really feels miserable when he has an infection and he stops eating. His weight is in the 8th percentile, which if you read back in his first year, he was usually in the 80th percentile plus for weight. Now, I know it's completely normal for active toddlers to slow down in their weight gain, but even his pediatrician is a bit concerned, because he actually lost weight this fall and hasn't gained anything since. I am pretty sure it's all tied to the sinuses and she agrees, so it looks as if he might have his adenoids out. The crazy thing is that studies show a lower morbidity rate with anesthesia, so they recommend waiting until age 2 for non-emergency procedures, so Will might be having surgery when his little sister is 1 month old.

That's right, we are having a baby girl! Our 18 week ultrasound revealed that she is growing perfectly and looks very healthy. We have named her Emma Grace and I am pretty excited to be able to look forward to frilly dresses and pink bows. I would have been thrilled with another boy, too, but it is fun to think about having a daughter. I have already picked out nursery bedding and paint colors, so it's just a matter of getting a weekend to clear out the nursery and get started on the decorating.

~ Katie

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