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Entry 25 - April 7, 2010
Getting Bigger - Both of Us!

Each day, Will amazes me with what a BIG little guy he has become. The words he knows seem to come from nowhere. We were wrapping a present for a friend of his and I tucked a package of batteries into the bag. He pulled them back out and said, "Batteries!" We were at Wendy's last week with my parents and my dad pulled out money to pay and he said, "Money!" He also says sentences, tells us when he is hungry, and greets most people we know by their name.

He is obsessed with going outside to play. Our backyard has quite a slope to it, which results in a collection of water in parts of it. During the summer, the yard dries out, but during the winter, it is kind of swampy. We do have some play equipment out there, but again, mud-city. So going out there is not really a lot of fun. . . well, not fun for me. Will thinks it is quite the best fun EVER! Consequently, we have a lot of trantrums over outside. I am eagerly anticipating the nicer spring and summer months so the yard can dry out and we can play out there more often. In the meantime, we play a lot on our covered front porch. He enjoys pushing his little bubble mower around and stopping to wave at each passing car. On garbage day, he loves watching for the garbage truck, and he is especially excited when the school bus stops right in front. He also loves going to the park. The only problem is that if we even drive past a park, he will see it and ask to play. If we don't stop, he usually cries. It's kind of sad and funny all at once.

Yes, our little boy is getting bigger. It makes me both excited for each new step and wistful all at once. Where did my little baby go?

I am getting bigger, too. I didn't really feel as if the baby really "popped out" until this week - the 24th week. This is very different from Will, where I looked pregnant by about 20 weeks. I am carrying this baby much differently than I did Will. I felt as if I carried Will up high and centered. Emma seems to sit very low and wide. I feel all of her lil' kicks and wiggles down low and right in my bladder. I also feel as if my weight is being distributed differently. I have way more back and side fat this time than I did last time. With Will, I couldn't stand the thought of chocolate and craved things like salad and fruit. I still love salad and fruit (especially apples) this time around, but I also love my sweets, especially chocolate this time. Things that are the same this time? My good friend heartburn is back, my hips hurt, and I have the most interesting dreams. It is fun to compare and contrast the two pregnancies and see the differences of carrying a boy vs. a girl for myself. A lot of the so-called urban myths actually seem to be true with me.

We are stalled on the nursery progress, waiting for Mike's cousin to come and get the queen sized bed and computer desk that we have in that room. He took a job where he is traveling for weeks at at time, so we have to wait until he has a break in his schedule which also coincides with a weekend, as I can't really help much with the heavy lifting. I do have bedding, colors, curtains, etc., already picked out so once we get the room emptied, it should go fast (fingers crossed). I do feel as if this pregnancy is going by very quickly, and I remember how fast the third trimester went by last time, so I am sure t will seem like a blink this time. At least I hope!

~ Katie

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