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Entry 26 - April 29, 2010
Nursery Progress & Spring Days

We got a lot accomplished on the nursery last week. Mike's cousin finally had a weekend home and so he headed down to help get get the furniture out of Emma's room. Now there are just some odds and ends in that room that we need to find other homes for. If you read my pregnancy journal, you might remember that Mike and I are both pack rats. If you were to stop by my house unannounced, you would probably think that I am a "decent" housekeeper. I wouldn't win any Martha Stewart awards and I wouldn't suggest eating off my kitchen floor, but the house is relatively clean and picked up most days. However, if you open any closet or drawer, you would see that I am a stuffer. Some closest and drawers aren't too bad, but we do have one closet that I refer to as the closet of death and I wouldn't even let my mom look in my master bedroom closet when she was here visiting a few weeks ago (and I got my pack rat ways from my mom).

I did join a couple of months ago and actually really like it. I have learned some good tips for decluttering and keeping up with the daily grind of housework, but I also have found it difficult to keep up with the daily tasks and projects. February was declutter month and I had to toss 54 things every single day, and that was really helpful, but since that's been over, I have not been as dedicated to decluttering. So, in order to find places for the odds and ends left over in Emma's room, I have to clear other spaces for them. It's kind of a chain reaction which just will take some time.

WillWill is doing great. He had another bout of sinus and double ear infections last week. He had to go on another course of antitiotics, but we returned to the pediatrician for a recheck today, and both ears and sinuses look great! He is eating a bit more and has gained almost a whole pound! This is great news, as we were getting concerned about his weight for awhile there. He still has the finicky toddler appetite, but there are some meals that he eats more than me!

The weather has been getting nicer lately, which has allowed us many more trips to the park and even some fun places like the zoo. Will really enjoys getting out and about and so do I! I know I will probably slow down a bit in the third trimester and especially once we have a newborn, we are going to have to stay closer to home, so we are enjoying it while we can.

I had my 7 month OB appointment this week (how on earth did I get to be seven months pregnant already?!) I will be in the third trimester starting next week . . . craziness! I passed my 1 hour glucose screen for gestational diabetes and passed with flying colors. I failed the 1 hour with Will, but passed the 3 hour, and the 3 hour was not fun. I was determined not to have to take that test again, so I did a self-imposed fast before the test. I did eat some breakfast because I wasn't testing until the afternoon, but I had no sugar and skipped lunch. I made up for it at dinner that night because I was starving. But it was so worth it that I passed and don't have to take that 3 hour test again! I also tested positive for anemia, which isn't surprising. I had the same thing happen with Will. It's not a big deal, really, I just take iron supplements and get a recheck in a few weeks to make sure the levels are rising. Everything else seems to be doing just fine. I am so thankful and blessed that this has been an uneventual, normal pregnancy.

This weekend, Mike and I are celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary and going on a Babymoon. Will is spending two nights with his grandma and we are going to spend a couple of nights in the hotel where we got engaged. It is a beautiful, spa boutique hotel right on Bellingham Bay, and it is so relaxing. Our plans include a massage for me, lots of movie watching, unrestricted napping, and lots of eating. Sigh. . . it should be perfect. I am not really looking forward to leaving Will and I know I will miss him, but we desperately need some couple and relaxation time. With Emma's impending arrival, this could very well be the last time we get this opportunity for who knows how long.

I hope everyone is looking forward to a wonderful weekend!

~ Katie

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