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Entry 27 - July 14, 2010
Almost There!

Where oh where has the time gone? It seems as if it was only yesterday that I was seeing a double line on a pregnancy test . . . for Will's pregnancy! And now I have an almost-two-year-old and will be delivering my daughter this Saturday, July 17.

Since Will ended up being an unplanned c-section after many hours of labor and three hours of pushing with no result, we decided, with my OB's assistance, that a planned c-section would be the safest way to approach Emma's birth. Based on my weight gain (same as Will) and size (a bit smaller, but similar to when I carried Will), my OB feels this will be another large baby and my pelvis hasn't changed size since the last time. I have had some conflicting feelings about having a planned c-section. but there is something to be said for the convenience of knowing exactly when she'll be joining us. as well as knowing it's the safest choice for all involved.

Will is very excited to be a big brother. We'll see how the reality hits him! We have been reading lots of books, taking him to every single OB appointment, and talking to him a lot about his sister's impending arrival. He knows his sister's name is Emma, he loves to give my belly hugs, and he always chooses an "Emma Book" (one about a baby coming) at night. We haven't really tried to force anything on him, but it comes up often. A good friend had her baby girl three weeks ago and the light bulb kind of seemed to go off for him a bit. He was pretty interested in holding her, but when he actually was sitting there with her on his lap, he kind of froze with his hand held over her head, not sure what to do. I think he'll get much more comfortable with Emma, but I also think he'll largely ignore her, too. Until she starts taking his toys, that is!

The nursery is done, closets are organized, care for Will has been set up, and we are pretty much as ready as we can be. I'm at the point where the anticipation is getting to me and I really am just eager to meet this sweet girl. I haven't been the greatest journalist lately, and I doubt things are going to calm down anytime soon, but I will try to post the birth story as soon as possible and hopefully be able to journal about the transition to having two young children. I have been trying to do all of the reading I can on going from one to two, so I'd like to put my experiences out there for others to possibly learn from.

~ Katie

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