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Entry 29 - August 12, 2010
Two Under Two

I will only have two under two for a very brief time as Will is going to be turning two in just two short weeks. I honestly have no idea how that happened! It seems as if it was just yesterday we were celebrating his first birthday and now we are planning his second.

Well, actually, I am not doing any planning for his party. I was prepared for this newborn time to be incredibly hectic, so we are having the party at a local bakery where the kiddos can decorate cookies and take a little train ride afterward. The owner of the bakery does it all, including decorations, the cake, and clean up. All we have to do is show up with the birthday boy. It should be fun and stressfree.

As far as the transition from one to two, I have to say it has been easier than I expected. That being said, my expectations were incredibly low. Now, I am only three weeks in, but so far, so good. Of course, there have been moments of panic and meltdowns for everyone, but for the most part, things have gone smoothly. Mike went back to work at two weeks and I was very nervous about handling both of them and healing from surgery. But I went for my two week post op check and the doctor was very impressed with how well I was healing and cleared me to lift Will again when necessary. This was extremely helpful and I am grateful to have healed so well.

Will has had some issues with tantrums and fighting bedtime. He has also started having night terrors, so each night is kind of a gamble on whether or not we will hear from him, but usually, he is still sleeping through. When he does have a bad night, we hear from him many times. So in between nursing Emma and getting up with Will, there are nights when I get precious little sleep. If you read my journal back when Will was a newborn, you might remember that I get a little twitchy when I don't get enough sleep. For now, I am doing okay, but it will be interesting to see how I do with the sleep deprivation this time. One key difference with the second baby is you know it's all a passing phase. Good or bad, this too shall pass.

Despite his tantrums and sleep issues, Will is a very loving big brother. He calls Emma "My Emma" and wants to hold her a lot of the time. He is very gentle with her and is disturbed when she cries. If we are getting ready to go some place and she is in her carseat crying, he will walk over and rock the car seat by the handle as he has seen us do. We obviously can't leave them alone in the same room, but I don't really fear he will hurt her.

Right now, life is just busy. Busy and happy. Mike and I are pretty certain that we are done with building our family, so I am trying to treasure these precious moments as they fly past me. I know that it will only be a matter of time before these little ones don't need me so much, so although there are days that can be overwhelming, I feel that I am handling it well for the most part. I am open to any parenting tips that you more seasoned parents to multiples would like to throw my way if you have time.

~ Katie

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