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Entry 6 - November 5, 2008
Ten Weeks Old - Scary Pirate

I want my mummy.Will's tenth week brought an exciting holiday - his first Halloween!

First, let me just say that we had a ridiculous amount of clothes for this little boy to wear in honor of the holiday. There were three costumes, plus an assortment of onesies, bibs, and sleepers. He was able to wear a different outfit for ten days preceeding the actual holiday and then we had to choose which costume he would wear on the actual day. I suppose this is the result of being the first grand-baby on both sides.

Will and pumpkinsFall is my absolute favorite season. I love the crispness in the air, the color of the leaves, the anticipation of the holiday season to come. I love getting out my favorite cozy sweaters, turning on our gas fireplace, and making some of my favorite fall recipes. I love the homeiness that seems to come with this time of year, and having a baby seems to increase that nestful, homey feeling even more so.

I have gone to pumpkin patches all of my life, with my parents when I was growing up, and then with my husband as an adult. The Wednesday before Halloween, my best friend and her son, and Will and I, went to a local pumpkin patch. Taking Will to a patch seemed like a dream come true - well, kind of. Although I was very excited about our adventure, at ten weeks of age, Will pretty much couldn't have cared less. His costume was warm and he was fed, so the combination made for one sleepy boy! He spent most of his time at the patch sleeping!

Scariest PirateSpeaking of sleeping . . . week ten brought our best string of good night sleeps yet. Unfortunately, the time change seems to have screwed up our system. Before Sunday, he had been getting on a routine where he went down at 9:00 and only woke up once, around 3:00 or even 4:00, and then not again until 7:00, which was very workable. Since the time change, we are back to every three hour wake ups, but at least I know he is capable of longer stretches. Maybe once he is used to the time change, we will get our groove back.

We have also gotten the art of putting him down for his morning nap. We have a little nap routine which includes a brief massage with his nighttime lotion, reading a couple of books, and a brief time in the rocking chair. I then can put him down completely awake and with very little fussing, he is asleep within ten minutes. He does give a couple of half-hearted little wahs, but then it's off to dreamland. The only problem is that he will only nap in his crib for about forty five minutes to an hour. After that, he wakes up crying and I can't seem to get him to settle back without then taking him into my bed to finish the nap. This is still a huge improvement, and I am focusing more on the positive fact that he can soothe himself to sleep and also is sleeping for (mostly) longer stretches at night. It is definitely progress in the sleep department.

First Place So, with all of the sleep we were finally getting last week, I was in great spirits by the time Halloween rolled around on Friday. My husband's company does an annual Halloween potluck and families are invited join in the fun. I took Will in dressed in the costume that my husband had purchased for him - a pirate. As you can see, he wasn't a very scary pirate, and yet that is the award that he won at the company's costume contest! The reason that he won? Well, none of the costumes were really scary, so the judge awarded him his ribbon based on irony. I still think it's a great addition to the baby book - Scariest Costume!

We didn't do trick-or-treating that night, simply because between getting Will settled and to bed, and then keeping our dogs quiet, it seemed like too much hassle. I usually go all out for holidays and hadn't even bought a pumpkin this year, but even so, it was the best Halloween that I have ever had! I can't wait for the Halloweens to come when Will "gets it" and gets as excited as I do!

I hope you are all having a great week!

~ Katie

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