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Week 10
~ Legs, Fingers, Nose!

10 week ultrasoundThis week, we were the last appointment of the day at our ultrasound. The tech gave us extra time to look at the baby. Its arms and legs had grown a lot since last week and it was moving and flexing around quite a bit. S/he made it very difficult to look at the arms, because it likes to keep its hands up by its face. How cute is that?

But the best surprise of all for this week is that I graduated from the transvaginal ultrasound to the external ultrasound. The transvaginal ultrasound, for those who have never had the pleasure, is an internal ultrasound, where the probe is placed in your body. So, you have to take off your pants, make sure your toes look pretty, and of course, get over feeling shy. It's really not that bad, but it's a lot nicer to have that warm goo spread on your stomach and you can get some really great profiles of the baby, instead of the alien looking ones that we get from the interior view. I attached this week's profile shot for your viewing pleasure - the head is to the right and that little peak is the nose. Our baby has a nose!

We just have two more weekly ultrasounds and then we will be "released" from our specialist to our regular OB/GYN. I am both looking forward to and scared about that day. It will be really nice to be a "normal" pregnant woman, but I will also miss my weekly reassurance that all is well with our little one. Also, since we have been going to this office since August of 2006, I also will miss a lot of the staff. They all know be my name and I really felt as if they were rooting for us in this last cycle.

We are able to e-mail the ultrasound pictures to our families, and each set of grandparents is getting pretty excited. My mom called last Sunday and wanted to buy a crib for us - one I had admired was on sale this week. I am just so hesitant to buy anything quite yet, especially something so momentous like a crib. Plus, my husband hasn't seen it yet, and I think it might be fun to go shopping and pick those things out together - although, honestly, he probably could care less about furniture and decoration for the nursery. Call him when it's time to pick out the toys!

My morning sickness is still pretty bad on most days. Wednesday night, I actually felt pretty good. For the first time in weeks, I made dinner, complete with homemade mashed potatoes. It sounded and smelled great, but when I actually sat down to eat, my nausea returned. Everyone tells me that I am just a few weeks away from feeling better and getting the second trimester energy burst. I am really ready for that!

~ Katie

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