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Katie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 11
~ Love Is In the Air

11 Week UltrasoundAs I write this journal entry, I am standing at the precipice of the 12th week. The end of the first trimester. For anyone who is pregnant, this is a good time. The chance of miscarriage drops significantly, morning sickness should start to improve, and the second trimester energy is on its way. For someone who has lost pregnancies, this time is particularly poignant. I am still sad over the sweet angels that we have lost, but I am so excited and feel so blessed by the little one that seems to be here for keeps. We have been trying so long to get pregnant and obviously, this was a very planned event, but it still keeps taking me by surprise when I start to grapple with the reality that there might actually be a baby in our house come late this summer.

We got another peek at our baby this week. As you can see from the picture, this was a full body shot, with head, arm, and leg profiled. The tech tried to measure the nuchal fold for us, to assess our potential risk for Down's Syndrome, but the baby wouldn't cooperate. We still haven't heard the heartbeat and are anxious for that milestone, which should be at our 12 week appointment this coming week. I can't wait!

This week also included Valentine's Day. My husband gave me a baby book and a tinier brag book for all of our ultrasound pictures. As we plan to start telling the world pretty soon, that book will really come in handy. I laughed as I flipped through all of the pages of ultrasound pictures. We already have more in utero pictures of this baby than most people will have of all of their pregnancies combined. It is neat to see the progression of our little one in a way that most people do not get. However, I am also looking forward to not having to go to the doctor so often. I honestly think that it makes the time go by more slowly.

As for symptoms, I can actually finally say that I am feeling a bit better. My doctor has taken me out of work for a week, because I drive a lot for my job. They don't want me passing out behind the wheel. So, it is hard to say whether I am feeling better because of the transition out of the first trimester or because I have had time to rest and relax this week. I still get really nauseous in the evenings and don't eat dinner most days, but breakfast and lunch seem to be going okay. I have not gained any weight yet, but I haven't lost any either. That's a good place to start, as I know once my appetite comes back, I will be an eating machine!

I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day!

~ Katie

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