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Week 12
~ We've Got A Beat, You Can Dance To It!

thumbs up ultrasoundIn addition to being the last week of the first trimester, this week was a big week in many ways. It was our last appointment at our reproductive endocrinologist's office. This was actually a pretty emotional day for me, which was a bit surprising. My husband couldn't wait to be done with that office, but for me, it represented a bit of security. Now that we are in the "real" pregnant world, it means no more weekly ultrasounds. Also, there were several office staff members that I had grown close to. We brought our camera and were able to take pictures of them to keep in our baby book. I also brought thank you notes and coffee gift cards to thank them for their time and attention. It's really quite difficult to thank someone for helping to make your dreams come true, but I wanted to put down in words how much it all meant to us. The ultrasound went well and the tech once again gave us plenty of time to look our little one. I attached what I am calling our "thumbs up" picture for this week's entry.

Week twelve was also good because it was the first week that I consistently started feeling better. I still have moments of nausea and a few surprise runs to the bathroom every now and then, but the all-day-long sickness has receded. At first, this made me worry about the well-being of the baby, but after our ultrasound showed another great week of growth, I realized that I have to relax and enjoy the better feelings that come with the second trimester.

Last, but certainly not least, this week brought us a whole new reason to smile. . . we got to hear our baby's heartbeat for the first time. I made the nurse tear up because I started to cry when I heard that beautiful sound. It took what seemed like ten years (my husband tells me it was a couple of minutes) to find it, but once she did, I could have listened all day long.

Now we are officially in the second trimester, a place that we have never been before. We are looking forward to so many things, and I am excited to get to share them with you here.

Have a wonderful week!

~ Katie

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