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Week 14 ~ March 8, 2008
~ Oh, My Achin' Back!

My parents are coming to visit this weekend, which means it's time to do some spring cleaning. Prior to my IVF cycle (way back in November!), I did a major, thorough cleaning. I didn't want to have to do any huge projects while I was in the first trimester, so I tried to take care of them all prior to egg retrieval. Our house actually stayed in pretty good shape since then, since I have been too tired to make many messes and my husband is very neat and tidy. However, we do have two dogs and a cat, and they have a lot of fur which deposits itself in every single nook and cranny. Of course, I have done "spot" cleaning, vacuuming, and laundry as needed, but not a down and dirty clean.

So, yesterday after work, I settled into cleaning. I scrubbed, mopped, dusted, you name it. For three hours, I was a whirlwind through our house. But after those three hours, my hips started to ache. No, ache is not the right word. It felt like bone rubbing against bone. Every time I would move, it would make me whimper. I had read about this type of pain in my pregnancy books, so it didn't worry me, but it sure took the wind out of my sails.

I ended up on the couch for the rest of the night, my husband bringing me tea and rubbing my hips for me before we went to bed. When I woke up this morning, I was SORE. Even my abdominal muscles hurt. I am not in the best shape lately, but I still was surprised by how much a little house cleaning could knock me down so much. As my husband says, I have to learn to not do so much at one time.

Another challenge that I am having lately is a bit of a strange one. I have read that after sixteen weeks, sleeping on your back is dangerous to you and the baby because the weight of the baby can cut off blood supply to major organs and the uterus. When I read that, I didn't worry, because I NEVER sleep on my back - I am a tried and true side sleeper. Guess what? The past three weeks, I have been doing just that! I immediately roll onto my side when I wake up, but I wonder how long I have been sleeping that way and then I worry that I hurt the baby. I only have about a week left to fix this problem. I have tried propping a pillow behind my back and between my knees, and that doesn't seem to help. I am looking for suggestions from some of you ladies (or gentlemen) out there, please help!

I am looking forward to my parents coming this weekend. They live about three hours away, so we see them often. My dad is in his second (post-retirement) career and works weekends, so it's usually us going their way. They haven't been to our house since last March. My mom has been going nuts buying maternity clothes for me (which I am starting to NEED), so I am eager to dig through her finds. My parents are also dying to buy the crib for us, but since we aren't quite ready for that big purchase (we haven't cleaned the "nursery" out yet - right now, it's our office), we had asked them to hold off. Well, this weekend, they are going to give us the money for the crib so that we can buy it when we are ready. We won't buy anything this weekend, but I am hoping to go look at some.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

~ Katie

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