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Week 18 ~ April 4, 2008
~ The Name Game

Now that we know that we are having a little boy, next comes the fun of deciding what we want to name him! My husband and I have long known that we want to include a namesake for his father, who passed away when my husband was nine. For that reason, the middle name is pretty much settled.

That leaves the first name wide open. We have some names that we like, and even one that we love, but here is the problem: Telling people the proposed name for your baby can garner a variety of reactions. We have found that people aren't shy in telling us their opinion (good OR bad) of our choices. While we like peoples' positive responses, we are disheartened when people react negatively to names on the top of our list. For that reason, we have decided to keep the name a secret.

I actually "borrowed" this idea from a coworker, who managed to keep the name of his firstborn son a secret until the birth. It's a little easier said than done for me. First off, I am an open book, quick to share with people. When someone asks me a question about baby names, I almost feel rude. No matter how nicely I explain our decision to keep things quiet on that front, people seem almost offended. Then they try to weasle the name out of me.

For now, since we haven't made a firm decision, I am opting to say that we are still thinking and haven't made a decision. The truth is, I think we are pretty much settled on a name that we both love I have been "trying it out" since Monday and I like the way it sounds. I like putting my hand on my stomach and calling our son by name. So, we'll see if it sticks - and how long my resolve lasts about not telling people!

~ Katie

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