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Katie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 19
~ Burning Love

It's so funny how when I wanted to get and stay pregnant, I never really thought about how uncomfortable it all is. Oh, sure, I knew about morning sickness, and I figured that in the end of the third trimester, I would get huge, swollen, and achey. But I didn't know about the daily aches and pains of lugging around another human being. I didn't know that the various and sundry discomforts would start so darn early.

I want to make it very clear: I love my baby with all of my heart. I wouldn't trade this time as a pregnant woman for anything. Part of me feels bad for even complaining about the "little" things such as weight gain or round ligament stretching. However, I am just surprised by how uncomfortable I am already and wonder how I will survive 20 more weeks of the same (and probably worse).

This week, the hip pain has returned with a vengeance. I definitely know what causes it - anything that requires movement. I am in sales and my job requires a lot of walking. By the end of the day, my hips feel like bone rubbing on bone. It's not even too bad until I sit down and try to stand back up, especially out of my deep, comfy stuffed chair. My husband has taken to calling me "Limpy" and I have to have his help up our stairs at night. I feel about 80 years old as I hobble around, hands to hips, moaning as each step causes the sharp pains.

But even worse than the hip pain? The heartburn. This started about three weeks ago, and at first, was mild and only at night. I actually smiled the first night I had it, because I have heard about heartburn and pregnancy. I wasn't smiling this week, when the burning kept me from sleeping and actually caused me to throw up. Yech.

Luckily, there is a pretty easy solution for the heartburn. I called my OB and was told that I could take a liquid or chewable antacid. I bought both and have taken both. It does help significantly, but the heartburn is still there, lingering at the edges, and I can't drink anything but water or milk after about 5 PM, or I am in for a bad night.

Because I don't want to end this week's entry on a whiny, negative note, I will add that this week I have felt the baby move so much more. It is an amazing feeling. I will pretty much stop whatever I am doing, just to marvel at the incredible reality of my little boy. I am so in love with this small person, and tears come to my eyes when he lands a solid thump to my abdomen. The other night, as I was hobbling into bed, I felt the most solid kicks that I have ever gotten. I am almost positive that if my husband had been trying, he could have felt them from the outside. By the time I grabbed his hand to put it on my stomach, the kicking had stopped, but with moves like these, I know it won't be too long before he can share in this miracle.

The movement from Baby Boy reminds me that the aches and pains are so worth it. And they are all doing the same thing: Preparing my body and soul for the act of bringing our baby into this world and nurturing him. So, I will hobble and gobble down my chewable antacids . . . with a grateful smile.

~ Katie

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