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Week 21 ~ April 25, 2008
~ Karate Kid

This Little Man has been kicking up a storm. It is fun to learn about his personality through these "love taps."

First off, he does not like his space invaded. If I lean over to get something or bend over to tie an errant shoe lace, one of my organs gets a pummeling.

Secondly, he is like his mamma and enjoys sleeping in. I never feel anything from him before 9 AM - unless of course, I have invaded his personal space, and then see above.

He is most active at what I call his "witching hour," which is from 7 - 8 at night. I am not sure what that crazy kid is doing in there, but I imagine that he is laughing as he does it. Flips, flops, strong kicks, and punches, if you put your hand on my stomach during this time, I am pretty sure that you could feel the action.

That brings up an interesting point for this week. I have decided that there is no middle ground when it comes to belly interest. People are either super excited about your belly and get all over it, hugging it, putting their face next to it, talking to it - OR - they could care less. My husband is of the "I could care less" camp. We actually had a bit of an argument about it earlier this week because I was hoping he would be more interactive as the baby (and my stomach) grew. Instead, he seems to shy away from my burgeoning middle.

As I put on weight, I am feeling not-so-sexy. I was not overweight when I started pregnancy, but two years of infertility treatments and miscarriage had me about ten pounds heavier than I would have liked. Add the twelve pounds that I had gained by my fifth month OB appointment this last week, and I am heavier than I have ever been. When I get out of the shower in the morning, my thighs rub together. My breasts sit on my stomach "shelf" when I sit down. My arms have been coated in a cellulite carpet. Yeah, I am one attractive person right now.

So, as my self-image erodes, I need reassurance from my husband that my proportions are not a major turnoff. When he is not into the belly, that doesn't help matters. He tells me that I look great, and I suppose I should believe him and let it go at that. But enter pregnancy hormones and all bets are off.

I have talked to other friends about it and it seems a mixed bag with husbands, just like everyone else. They are either super into it or not. I guess my husband is just a not and I am going to have to accept that. I know he will be a great and very interactive father once the baby is here.

Have a great week!

~ Katie

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