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Week 23 ~ May 9, 2008
~ Nestful

My husband and I had a wonderful time on our little getaway, even if all of that time in the car definitely made me achy! I don't know how a person can be more tired from just sitting all day, rather than moving around, but it definitely was the case with me. When we got back into town on Monday, I was absolutely exhausted and glad that I had taken one more day off from work. I used the time to rest up a bit and catch up on housekeeping and laundry, of which there always seems plenty to do.

Speaking of housekeeping, I am not sure when the true nesting phase of pregnancy really begins, but I think I felt the first faint stirrings this past week. I have been very nonchalant about nursery decorating and planning. Our future nursery is currently our home office. Since I work from home, this room isn't one that we can just start tearing down. I have to have a place to work from effectively. As we have dogs in our house, I can't be on conference or customer calls and not have a door to shut out their potential barking. Because of this, I haven't been that worried about the nursery, figuring that we still have plenty of time.

Which, of course, we still do have plenty of time. However, I am starting to get antsy. We are getting little gifts here and there and I am tired of putting them in this closet or that. I want a baby closet, a baby dresser, a place to put his little things. I want to buy the bedding and set up the crib - heck, I probably should actually pick a crib first! This weekend, we are going to start the process of getting things cleaned up in our garage and moved out of the office. We aren't going to tear down my work things, but we have some other furniture in the room that might as well go now. Anyone need a papasan chair, circa 1998?

The other interesting thing to note from this week is that as of tomorrow, I am 24 weeks pregnant. This marks the time in which a baby can be born and be viable. Granted, this would not be the ideal situation, and babies born at this gestation have a lot of NICU time as well as developmental and physical challenges. But over 50% of them survive. This feels like a momentous milestone to me, to cross the bridge from "nothing can be done" to medical intervention actually playing a role. With my miscarriages, that was probably the most frustrating thing. Nothing could be done. It might just be a false sense of security, as I know things can still go very wrong after this point but, for me, I am breathing a little easier now.

Finally, I would like to wish all of you a Happy Mother's Day! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

~ Katie

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