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Week 24 ~ May 16, 2008
~ Hot Mama

This weekend, temperatures are going to hit record highs. It's only May. Mid-May.

Of course, this does not necessarily bode the weather for the rest of the summer months. But with a late August due date, I am expecting that even if the temperatures don't continue to soar, I will still be hot, uncomfortable, and swollen. Not to mention that September can bring us lovely late summer weather that can be even warmer than what the other months bring. Our house does not have air conditioning.

This has brought about an interesting "discussion" between my husband and me. I use the term "discussion" to describe all of our conversations surround what to do with our resources between now and when the baby is born. We don't really fight, but we have definite ideas on what should be a priority. My husband has always been more focused on the outside appearance (curb appeal) of our house. And our house always looks very nice from the street - passersby have stopped to comment on our lush green grass, the beautiful flowers, or how neat and tidy everything is.

The inside of the house is more my domain. When we moved into our house, it was brand new. Besides painting some walls here and there, hanging curtains and pictures, we didn't have to do that much. Over the course of our time in the house, we have done some upgrading on light fixtures, hardware, etc. But it has been pretty low maintenance. So, for the most part, we have spent our money on outside upgrades, like fencing, landscaping, lighting, etc.

Now that we are approaching five years in the house, the wear and tear of the two of us plus three active animals is starting to show. The light beige carpet (a cheap basic installed by the builders) is matted and has its share of stains. Some of the walls are scuffed. Our kitchen counters are beautiful white tile with white grout - well, the grout is supposed to be white anyway.

Now that the baby is coming and some of my nesting instinct is starting to kick in, these little cosmetic details are starting to bother me. I want everything sparkly and new for our Little Man. I love that the outside of the house looks great, but I want the inside, where he and I will be snuggled up for the winter, to be even better.

And I don't want to be a miserable beached whale, cooking inside our hot, un-airconditioned home for the entire summer.

So, while my husband argues that air conditioning is a waste in our Northwest climate and that our money would be better spent on restaining our deck and fence, I argue that the money we will spend taking me to air conditioned hotels during the hottest days will add up fast. I also make the case of a hot, sweaty newborn, clinging to his hot, sweaty parents.

We are still in the "discussion" phase. I'll have to let you know what we decide.

~ Katie

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