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Week 25 ~ May 23, 2008
~ Not Exactly Restful

So, something not so great happened today. I am trying not to panic . . . as I write this journal entry from bed.

The day started out as any other day. I have been waking up ravenously hungry, so first order of business was a big bowl of my new favorite cereal and an apple. I have been having to pack snacks as well for the workday, because I am not really making it between meals without a growling tummy.

After breakfast, I got ready and left for the day. In the late morning, I stopped to use the bathroom and . . . pink spotting. No red blood. No cramps. No clots. But still. After so many miscarriages, bleeding makes my heart stop beating.

I calmly managed to get out to my car, but the tears were starting to fall as I called my doctor's office. Luckily, the words "bleeding" and "previous miscarriages" get you right to your doctor's nurse, no fooling around. She took me through a 20-question dialog and the end result is that she thinks I just have an irritated cervix. Being that I am on my feet so much for work, that can cause some swelling in the vaginal area and harmless spotting. However innocuous the bleeding might be, she said that I was to go straight home, get into bed, and drink plenty of fluids. If the bleeding turns red, if cramping starts, or if Baby Boy's movements seem to change dramatically, I am to go to Labor & Delivery. If I am still spotting at all by Tuesday, then I am to call back for an appointment, even if it is just pink.

This kind of puts a crimp in our plans for the Memorial Day weekend, which were to empty out the office and possibly even get started with painting the nursery. If I have no more spotting or bleeding, then perhaps we could look at doing it on Sunday or Monday, but I think I will want to lay low even if the spotting stops right away.

I do feel reassured after talking to the nurse, but I still won't feel 100% better as long as there is any spotting going on. So, let's hope that this little episode remains an isolated event.

~ Katie

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