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Week 26 ~ May 30, 2008
~ Weight Watcher

First things first, last week's scare seems to have been simply that: a scare. I haven't had any further bleeding or spotting and was released from bedrest after the long weekend. The baby has been particularly active this week, so I am no longer worried.

Secondly, I have to say that I feel huge. I started showing early and am carrying the baby high and out front. I am measuring about a week ahead, but then again, so is Baby Boy. My doctor is unconcerned about my size. Until recently, I hadn't gained a lot of weight, but at my last appointment, I had a pretty significant jump. I seem to be putting a layer of fat on in my arms and thighs. My doctor is not concerned about my weight, either. It just seems like so much to me and I still have a whole trimester to go.

After all we've been through to get and stay pregnant, I didn't think something like a "little" weight gain would really get to me. I was wrong.

Like most women, I have never been that excited about my body. I was not overweight before becoming pregnant, but after two years of miscarriages and infertility treatments, I started pregnancy about ten pounds higher than I would have liked. I did lose a bit of weight in the first trimester, but now have more than made up for that. Even though I know the weight serves a purpose and I wouldn't want to not be gaining weight if it meant sacrificing the baby's health, it is still hard to watch those numbers climb. At this point, I am still on track for a 30 - 35 pound gain, but only if I am careful moving forward. I will say that a lot of my mom friends had a big jump in the second trimester, but then their gain really slowed down in the third as their stomachs got crowded by Baby.

I did ask about exercise, especially in light of the recent bleeding and my doctor recommended swimming or a water aerobics class. My husband and I recently joined a gym, so I took my first swim on Wednesday and it felt heavenly. For the first time in months, I didn't feel so weighed down. It was nice to float, but I am not sure how many calories I burned doing that, so I took a water aerobics class later on in the week. I have to admit, I did feel a little like Shamu in my black maternity swimsuit, but luckily for me, the other "students" in the class were all elderly and thought the bump was pretty precious.

So, hopefully with the increased activity and watching a bit of my ice cream consumption, I will be able to stay in a healthy weight range moving forward. But as long as the baby is healthy, I will try to be happy with whatever the scale says.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

~ Katie

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