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Week 27 ~ June 5, 2008
~ Party at Our Crib

Last Sunday, my husband and I had what I call a "perfect" day. We had finished all of our chores on Saturday, so it was a free day to just do nothing. We drove about 45 minutes south of our house to a big shopping district, where I had heard about a great discount nursery furniture store.

We got there right before it opened and decided to have a late breakfast/early lunch while we waited. We went to one of my favorite restaurants - The Cheesecake Factory. There is not one near our house, so we don't go there very often, but I love a restaurant where dessert is pretty much a requirement. We had a nice lunch together, even holding hands while we waited for our food to arrive. It felt like a date!

After lunch, we went to the furniture store. We had a little trouble finding it because they had changed names, but I am so glad that we prevailed. The store had a lot of expensive furniture, but also some specials on closeouts. I have been looking for the "perfect" crib for the nursery for awhile. My parents had given us money, so we were free to spend a bit more than we otherwise might have. Even so, I like to find a good deal. It was funny because there was this whole showroom of nursery furniture, but we walked in the door and there was a set on special clearance right out front. I took one look at it and the bargain price and told my husband, "This is it."

He wasn't as convinced, so we walked around the rest of the store, coming back up front to the set we had first seen. I was pretty much in love with it by that point and the big sign proclaiming it to be the "Last One" was making me nervous. My husband had to ask the practical questions (delivery, conversion to toddler and adult bed, mattress positions, etc.) while I walked around it ready to fight off any other interested buyers. My husband, obviously less affected by pregnant hormones, was not quite as ready to sign on the dotted line. Even at the great price reduction (about 70% off even the lowest price that I had seen online for this set), it was still a little more than we had been planning to spend. We negotiated the delivery fee and then my husband said, "We'll take it." I was so happy, I actually had tears in my eyes and didn't even want to leave the store without it.

I have been trying to decide between two nursery themes. I collected pigs when I was a little girl and was especially fond of Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. Specifically, I love Classic Pooh. When I was pregnant the first time, Target had an adorable Classic Pooh nursery set that I just fell in love with. Last summer, they put it on clearance. I really agonized over buying it at that time, but our situation was so uncertain. I didn't want to jinx us by purchasing a nursery set that we would never get a chance to use. Target now has a new set, and it's perfectly fine, but it's not THE set that I fell in love with and the quality of the material isn't as good.

While I was looking around for another Classic Pooh set that I might like better, I stumbled across another set that I fell in love with. One of my favorite children's stories has always been "I Love You This Much." It is a story of a baby rabbit telling its mother rabbit how much it loves it. There is one scene where the baby rabbit says, "I love you all the way to the moon." The mother rabbit replies, "I love you all the way to the moon. . . and back." So, I found a nursery set with an animal, moon, and star theme. It is a little higher quality in the fabrics and details, but I have been able to find the set at a local clearance outlet for the same price as the set at Target. Still, it is hard for me to completely let go of the idea of Classic Pooh for the nursery, so I have been torn.

The ironic thing, however, was that the crib set that we purchased had the Moon and Star theme set in it for display. Of all the sets in the store, it happened to be that one. I figured it was kind of a sign. So, we will be doing Moon and Stars for the nursery with light lemon colored walls. I am excited to get started with some of the creative ideas that I have for the walls, curtains, and lighting.

This weekend, we will finally empty out the office. The furniture is being delivered on Sunday night, so we have a firm deadline to get this project finished.

Have a great week!

~ Katie

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