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Week 28 ~ June 13, 2008
~ Celebration

KatieThis has been a week of many celebrations. It started out with reaching the 28 week mark, which is another huge stepping stone on the way to a healthy baby. Ninety percent of all babies born at 28 weeks will survive, some with minimal NICU time, so it makes me breathe just a bit easier with odds like those in our favor. Still, I would much prefer if this Little Man stayed put for ten more weeks.

The next celebration was my 29th birthday on Wednesday. I love birthdays, especially my own, and I had a very nice day. All of my friends and family called to wish me a happy day. My best friend gave me a gift certificate for a prenatal massage and my favorite chocolate truffles. My husband brought dinner and brownies home, as well as a gift certificate for another prenatal massage and some great lotions and bath gels. He also gave me these wonderful slippers that you can warm in the microwave to soothe tired, swollen feet. What could have been more perfect?

Today is my husband's 35th birthday, and we are headed out to dinner in a few minutes. I like sharing our birthdays so close together and it makes it feel as if the day lasts a bit longer. After all, I don't usually have to cook on his birthday, either!

Tomorrow is my first Baby Shower, being held at my mother-in-law's house. She is so excited about her first grand-baby and has really gone all out getting ready to make the party special. Honestly, for me, just having a shower in my honor is such a surreal experience that she could just throw a handful of nuts out on the table and some cans of soda and I'd be happy. The fact that she is preparing my favorite meals, ordered a cake from on of my favorite bakeries, and is serving a cranberry punch (again, my favorite fruit), is just an added bonus.

Katie's TummySo, as you can see, it's been a big week. I am definitely tired and the amount of time that I spend on my feet for work is getting more and more challenging, but I am feeling okay for the most part.

The baby has taken to some new moves this week. I can actually see him rolling around and his kicks keep getting stronger and stronger. Right now, my whole stomach is jumping as I type. I also am getting some new moves myself as I waddle more and more as that same stomach keeps growing. I have attached the latest Belly Shots for you to see for yourself!

~ Katie

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