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Week 29 ~ June 21, 2008
~ Too Sweet?

Katie at ShowerOur first shower last weekend was really very nice. My mother and sister-in-law really went all out on the food and decorations and so many people showed up to share in the joy. I was pretty overwhelmed by the day and started to cry a little when I sat down in the circle of people to open my gifts. It is just so surreal that we are to this point and I sometimes can't believe that this is actually happening. But the proof is in the nursery, which is already filling up quite rapidly with the generosity of our family and friends. We got a lot of very nice gifts, including a pack n' play, diaper champ, diaper bag, tons of books and clothes, and some really beautiful blankets. We had so much that my best friend had to take half of our loot home for us. I was exhausted after the shower, but then again, being tired seems to be part and parcel of this pregnancy lately.

Luckily, I think that we might have found the reason for my extreme fatigue. Tuesday was our seven month OB appointment and it seemed to go well during the visit itself. I only gained three pounds this past month, which after my huge jump of last month, was a bit of a relief. Overall, I have gained 23 pounds in 29 weeks, so staying under 35 pounds still seems possible. The doctor seemed pleased with my weight gain and I measured right on track. My blood pressure was low and baby's heartbeat was right where it needed to be.

The bad part came on Wednesday morning, when I got a call bright and early from the doctor's office. I failed my one-hour glucose tolerance test, which screens for gestational diabetes. I was horrified, because my cravings have largely been for sweet fruits, like watermelon, nectarines, grapes, and cherries. I have been eating a lot of those things, thinking that they were healthy food choices. I had also indulged a more sweets than usual with our birthdays and showers. Now, I felt as if anything that I put in my mouth could have disastrous results for my little baby, and I was paranoid to eat anything until we knew whether I truly had gestational diabetes or not. In addition to failing the glucose test, they also discovered that my iron levels are extremely low, which accounts for how tired I have been. Low iron is a common pregnancy ailment, but apparently, my levels are so low that if they don't respond to oral iron supplements in the next couple of weeks, I will need iron infusions. So, Friday, I had to take the next step in the gestational diabetes screening process and a retest on my iron levels.

The test wasn't fun, starting with a 12 hour fast that began on Thursday night. I am not a late night eater, but I am always very thirsty and I was not allowed water after midnight. I also could not have any of my antacids, which have been a mainstay in my diet for quite some time, and make sleeping a possibility. I barely slept at all on Thursday night, a combination of the heartburn and nerves about the test.

ShowerOn Friday morning, I had to drink the yucky orange drink again and then have three blood tests, one every hour. This meant a three hour wait in the OB's waiting room. I brought a lot of work stuff and some movies to watch on my computer. The time actually went by fairly quickly. The only bad part was that I had a new tech draw my blood the second time, and she messed up by using the wrong vial. This vial only lets you fill to a certain point and then stops. Not realizing this, she tried to keep filling the vial by squeezing and tapping on my arm. This caused the blood to back up into my vein and blow it, which resulted in a bit of pain and a huge bruise. Also, they had to use my other arm for the remaining draws, which put more strain on it. My husband is teasing me that I look like an IV drug user!

It was all worth it, though, because I got a call from the office late on Friday afternoon and I passed the test! No gestational diabetes and I can keep eating my fruit (and the occasional dessert) without fear. My iron levels were still very low, however, so I will continue on the oral supplements and hope that I respond. The infusions don't sound bad, but they are very time-consuming, so I would rather avoid those if I can. The good news is that the baby is getting all of the iron that he needs, so I am the only one feeling the affects. I can handle it, as long as he is okay!

All in all, it was a very busy week! This week is shaping up to be just as crazy, with an out-of-town work trip and my next shower in my hometown. I am excited to see some friends and family that I haven't seen in awhile and to show off the bump! My parents haven't seen me since April, so they are in for a bit of a surprise when they see The Belly!

Have a great week!
~ Katie

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