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Week 30 ~ June 29, 2008
~ Heat Wave

Last week was a bit crazy. I had my (hopefully) last business trip to a city about three hours south of where we live - which is also my hometown. Since the work trip was up against the weekend for my shower down there, I just stayed over with my parents. It was kind of nice to have one last chance to be "the baby," before my own baby arrives and I don't get that luxury.

The work trip wasn't that fun. My entire team is performing on the low end of things, and being a sales job, that means that we are getting a lot of lectures. My manager can be pretty brutal when she wants to be. Also, all of that sitting caused my feet to swell for truly the first time. I had experienced some slight swelling before, but this was a new experience. The tops of my feet swelled so much that they were hanging an inch over the edge of my shoes. When I finally took my shoes off, it looked as if I was still wearing them! I definitely need to start propping my feet up when I am sitting down.

After the meeting was finally over, I got to spend some time with my family. My mom likes to show her love with food, so she delighted in making all of my favorite dishes. Also, due to the swollen feet, she pretty much commanded me to the couch. I didn't complain!

Saturday was my second baby shower. My mom's friend did a really nice job. There was a lot of good food and some of my old friends showed up, in addition to family and friends of my mother's. I accidentally left my camera at home, so I am waiting on pictures from my sister and friend before I can post any. We got some more lovely things for baby boy and once again, I just felt so fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends. We still have two showers left, one with my husband's work, and then my final shower will be in late July, with all of my local friends.

The only problem with this week was that it was so hot. I live in the Pacific Northwest, where pretty much anything over 75 is considered hot, and anything over 85, forget about it! The temperatures were in the high nineties, low hundreds this weekend, and remember when I told you that my husband and I were in dispute over whether to get air conditioning or not? Well, we decided not, especially after the quotes that we got were for about double what I had anticipated it would cost to install. Not to mention the increased electric bill. Unfortunately, I was really regretting our decision when I got home Sunday and our house was miserably hot. I told my husband that we had better track down some window AC units, or one of us isn't going to survive the summer, and it's not going to be me. Unfortunately, after a big heat wave like this, the stores likely won't have AC units for a couple of weeks. But I know the heat will come again, so the next time they are stocked, we are going to have to jump on it!

~ Katie

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