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Week 33 ~ July 20, 2008
~ Progress

KatieThis week, we had our third baby shower, thrown by my husband's coworkers. It was held at a park nearby their office after work and was really quite nice. The weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky, not too hot. We got some more lovely things for Little Man and I think it was nice for my husband to be able to be at one of our many parties. I wanted him to open the gifts, but he said that I have a better reaction than he does to baby things, and he is probably right.

The nursery continues to come along. The walls are painted, the furniture is arranged, and I have his dresser filled with onesies, sleepers, and outfits in the 0 - 6 month range. I love doing baby laundry and folding all of the little clothes. We have an entire rubbermaid bin of blankets, dozens of stuffed animals, and a library of books. The only things that we really still need are a stroller, diapers, baby wash, pacifiers, and perhaps a monitor. Our house isn't that large, however, and I think we could do without the monitor. My plan is that he will be in his bassinet in our bedroom for the first few weeks anyway, so it would really be unnecessary right from the start. It feels really good to be close to ready for his arrival. We are getting a hand-me-down carseat from our best friends, and so the travel system/stroller is really a luxury. We have gotten a lot of gift cards, so we will be using those for the final things that we still need. And we still have our final shower this coming weekend!

Dad and cribWe also went to my (almost) 34 week OB appointment this last Friday. They are still holding out an opinion on what position Little Man has assumed. My OB doesn't like to do a firm palpitation of the uterus until 36 weeks, as it can cause contractions and babies can still flip before then. Since I am already having some contractions, he saw no reason to poke the bear. He did think that he was head down, but then he had trouble finding his heartbeat on the doppler without moving the probe upward. Since the baby was moving the entire time, I had no concerns about his well-being, but wondered what that meant as far as position. My blood pressure remains lower than pre-pregnancy values for me. My weight continues its steady upward climb, bringing me to 27 pounds at the end of the 33rd week. I have started to make my peace with the "new" me, just so long as I remain in a healthy weight range for the baby.

Katie and her sisterWe spent the weekend in my hometown, most likely my final trip to my parents' house before the baby is born. The occasion was my sister's bridal shower. It was nice to not be the guest of honor for once. Much as I truly appreciate everyone's love and support of our pregnancy, I always feel a bit overwhelmed at showers thrown in my honor. I don't mind the fuss over our baby, but I don't really like opening all of the gifts and having all of those eyes on me. I just feel a little grabby when I sit down to a pile of gifts. I do love the food, however!

Probably the biggest news of all for this week is that we have finally decided on a name. Keeping to our earlier decision, we are not revealing the surprise until after he is born, so he will continue to be Little Man or Baby No Name until that point. When we are alone, however, I delight in calling him by his new name. I also enjoy my husband trying out the name when he leaves for work in the morning. It's sweet when he pats my stomach and says, "Good-bye, Baby [Insert Name Here]." It helps to start my day with such a tender moment.

I hope you are all doing well!

~ Katie

Little Man's clothes

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