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Week 34 ~ July 27, 2008
~ Showered With Love

Chocolate FountainOur fourth and final baby shower was this last weekend, thrown by my next door neighbor, and best friend, Cheryl. There are truly no words to fully convey how amazing this shower was. There were so many great elements to it, first and foremost being the amount of time, energy, and most importantly, love, that went into making it the best shower ever.

I have attached some pictures, with my favorite one being me at the . . . wait for it. . . chocolate fountain. It was my first experience with such a culinary delight and it did not disappoint. The only slightly disappointing thing was that as the guest of honor, I wanted to make sure to spend time with my friends and family, so I didn't get as much quality time with the fountain as I would have liked. But I treasured the time that I did have.

Cheryl and KatieAfter some fun shower games and opening all of the generous gifts, Cheryl presented a wonderful slide show with baby pictures of my husband and me, set to my favorite songs. It was beautiful and definitely required a few tissues for all of the moms - me included!

Since the shower was next door, everyone wanted to see the nursery afterward. It was a good thing that we had just finished it that morning. Last week, we had a bit of bedding drama, when the order arrived without the six piece bedding set. The hamper, drapes, and wall art was there, but the most essential part was missing. I had to act fast, and found the bedding near my sister's house. She was able to pick it up and bring it with her. Of course, she arrived only moments before the shower was to begin as she lives three hours away, so I literally had to throw it on the crib and hope for the best. In my not-so-humble opinion, the nursery looks amazing, and everyone that took "the tour" agreed.

NurseryI had a truly pregnant moment later on in the evening after the shower. My sister, her fiance, and my mother were staying the night with us, and I was too tired to cook. So, I went and bought take-n-bake pizza. My sister was trying to help me and she took over baking the pizza. As she went to take it from the oven, she dropped it right on the oven's coils - and the pizza burst into flames! Looking back, it was actually a pretty funny moment, but I burst into tears! I was just so worried that everyone would starve! Luckily, we had already had salad and breadsticks, and I had gotten a smaller pizza just in case the big one wasn't enough. So there was still plenty to eat. It took me a few minutes (more like twenty) to really calm down, most of which I know was due to the fact that I was exhausted from all of the excitement.

AnklesI did include one picture that is a close up of a gift - but the real purpose is to show you how swollen my ankles are getting lately. It used to be that I could pinpoint (and thus eliminate) the cause of the swelling, but lately, pretty much just getting out of bed starts the swelling to begin. Sitting down makes it worse, but so does standing, both of which are key essentials to my job, especially as I do a ton of driving. I don't fit any of my shoes anymore and since I work in hospitals, wearing my favorite flip flops is a no-no. I am wondering if I will be able to continue working for much longer. I am getting pretty large and in charge, and the swelling actually has started to hurt. But I guess the longer that I can manage, the better.

~ Katie

Shower Cake

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