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Week 35 ~ August 4, 2008
~ Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Off To Work? I Might Not Go!

Things have kind of slowed down this last week. No showers, no out of town guests, no major baby projects. It's been very nice.

I did have a nesting surge this past weekend and organized all of our shower gifts from last weekend. We now have a pile of things to keep, a pile of things to return, and another pile of things to wash and put away when we have the closet organizer in, which will hopefully be next weekend.

Other than that, I have been trying to rest as much as possible and keep my feet up. The swelling is actually getting painful at night and my legs and hands are swelling, too. I have a history of varicose veins, so that also increases my risk of blood clots. My OB is not that concerned, but definitely wants me to watch for warming signs. The problem is that those same warning signs are also signs that I am almost 36 weeks pregnant. Shortness of breath? Check. Pain in calves? Check. Noticeable varicose veins? Check. Check. Check.

With the nursery almost done, and this little one almost baked, I am starting to get to that phase of pregnancy when I am fantasizing about being early. Not too early, mind you, but any time after the start of the 37th week, when Little Man is considered full term. Since I actually write my journal entries at the close of each week, I am technically already in the 36th week as I type, so in about a week, he could be here and be healthy! This both excites and terrifies me all at once.

I am starting to fear the labor and delivery process a bit, as well as the recovery and learning to breastfeed. I am not scared of the pain so much as both of us getting through it with no complications. I don't care so much about a vaginal vs. c-section birth. I am not concerned about pain management. I am really just kind of in the mindframe of Get Baby Out Healthy. Oh, and me healthy, too! Since people love to scare people with their birth stories, I do have a few nightmares running around my mind, but I try to remember that those are the exceptions rather than the rule.

I am also trying to figure out when to begin my maternity leave. With the swelling and a slight increase in my blood pressure, my OB warned me that the decision might not be mine to make much longer. For now, he is leaving it at my discretion, so long as I cut my day short when I start to have significant swelling and feet and leg pain. It is tough to pull the plug on work, a feeling that I didn't really expect. I was thinking that I would be eager to start my leave. However, work has been my identity for so long. Once the baby is here, I don't think I will have as many issues with this, but right now, it seems so indulgent to just sit around and do nothing. However, I don't want to compromise his health or my own, so I won't argue when the doctor says it's time to be done.

So, we'll see where we're at next week! Hope you are all doing well.

~ Katie

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