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Week 37 ~ August 17, 2008
~ A Watched Pot

It was incredibly HOT in the Pacific Northwest this weekend, with record breaking temperatures starting on Thursday. Our house is miserable when the thermometer rises, especially our master bedroom, which is on the top floor of our house and only has one window. It just doesn't get enough circulation, even if we open the window and blast two fans full force. I was really regretting our decision not to get air conditioning. However, my husband came to the rescue on Friday and bought what was probably the last remaining portable A/C unit in the greater metropolitan area. He said that people were literally swarming the aisle, and I believe him! Luckily, the unit brought the temperature down from 91 to 73 degrees in our room in just a few hours, so I was able to sleep pretty comfortably.

We were invited to a BBQ at a neighbors' house on Saturday. They have a really nice, shady backyard and there were lots of kids invited, so they filled up a kiddie pool. I plunked my feet in the cold water and drank a lot of fresh raspberry smoothies. I was a happy pregnant lady indeed!

My husband and I are also taking the advice of many other new parent couples and taking advantage of our last days before Little Man arrives. We went out to dinner on Friday night and to lunch on Sunday afternoon. We are planning on a movie this next weekend, if we aren't already in the hospital.

Today is a huge milestone for this pregnancy: the baby is considered full term. He can truly come any time now and be healthy and need no NICU time or special care. Barring any other complications, he would come home from the hospital at the same time that I was discharged. This feels amazing to me.

Both sets of grandparents and my sister and sister-in-law are starting the daily phone calls. They want to see how I am feeling, how the baby is doing, or if they have already called once that day, they make up silly random things to ask us. Some of the messages left on our voicemail have been pretty funny. It is so transparent that they are just looking for an update. I gently remind them that there is probably still plenty of time to go AND that we will call them when we are in labor. We are not planning on keeping that a secret as both want to be there shortly after his birth and live out of town. They will need time to pack and travel - well, travel anyway. I think bags have been packed for a while.

The phone calls are mostly sweet and endearing, although I was finding them a tad bit overwhelming by the sixth one yesterday. I had my husband take over the duty of answering the phone and letting them know that I am still not in labor. It is just so surreal that we are in this place, about to have this baby. Last night, I was reading on the couch and a knee so sharply stuck out of my stomach that it took on a right angle. I started to laugh and patted the wayward knee. Then, I started to cry. They were tears of happiness, but after all we've been through, I simply sometimes cannot comprehend that there is an actual honest-to-goodness BABY in there. Our baby. Our son.

I hope that you are all enjoying your miracle babies this week - and always!

~ Katie

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