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Week 9
~ Happy Feet

Ultrasound - 9 weeksEvery Tuesday, we have our weekly ultrasound to make sure that this little one is growing as he or she should. Tuesdays end up being quite crazy, because I have to jam all of my work into the morning and early afternoon, before racing to pick my husband up from work across town. Then, it's back downtown to our doctor's office. The whole day, my stomach is churning with nerves. After having an absolutely horrible ultrasound where our baby had no heartbeat, I am extremely fearful of it happening again. So far, however, this baby seems to do its best to assure us that all is going well.

In our previous pregnancy, we last saw the baby at 8 weeks, 2 days. We have never seen an ultrasound of a live baby after that. We have seen heartbeat, gummy bear shapes, and even a pulse of movement. But we were not prepared for the flurry of activity on the screen as the baby came on the screen.

First, the baby actually swam away from the probe. The ultrasound technician laughed and said, "Oops, got away from me." I think I actually gasped.

She readjusted and our baby came back into view. The little feet and hands were visible, and both were moving around a lot - especially the feet. It looked like our baby was doing a jig! My husband tightened his grip on my hand and tears of joy slid down my face as we watched the antics of our offspring. The tech was great and let us look for a long time, during which, she established that the measurement was great and that the heartbeat was nice and strong - 172 beats per minute. Then, she put the picture on a disk, so that I could share it here. It was a wonderful day and such an unexpected surprise to see our baby move so much.

Later on in the week, I had another pregnancy surprise. I have been pretty sick with this pregnancy. Keeping food down is a struggle and I have been feeling light headed a lot of the time. Usually, the dizzy feeling is manageable. I start seeing stars and getting tunnel vision, but if I sit down quickly enough, it passes. Well, Wednesday night, I was standing at the kitchen sink, filling a tea kettle for tea. The next thing I knew, I was on the kitchen floor, with my right temple bleeding! I had fallen and apparently hit my head on the kitchen counter. It ended up being just a little scratch and nothing to really get excited about, but I was still worried enough to call my OB's office.

They wanted me to come in to check and make sure everything was okay. This was my first trip in to my "normal" obstetrician's office, since we usually see our specialist for the ultrasounds. He was my doctor for my last pregnancy and was really great during our D&C and afterward, so I was glad to be back at his office for a happier occasion.

It turns out that fainting is very common in pregnancy as the blood volume increases and blood flow changes in the body. Also, the fact that I am likely dehydrated from all of my morning sickness doesn't help. He did run a blood panel to rule out any serious culprits, like anemia, thyroid issues, or infection, but he didn't seem concerned and told me that I would just have to learn to watch for the signs of passing out. Wherever I am when the symptoms hit, I have to lie down - even if it's in a public spot. That should be interesting!

I don't like feeling so sick and the fainting was definitely very scary, but when I think of that waving, dancing baby, it is all worth it. I wouldn't trade this pregnancy with all of its surprises for anything.

Have a wonderful week!

~ Katie

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