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Book One: The Journey

  1. Introduction
  2. Donor Egg Fertility Cycle
  3. Infertility Merry-Go-Round
  4. A Life Threatening Illness
  5. Learning to Open My Heart
  6. The Gift of Nicholas
  7. On My Way To Surgery!
  8. Back Home Again
  9. The Wait
10. Second Choice Does Not Mean...
11. Mixed Results
12. The News
13. Processing The News
14. Still in Process!
15. Moving Right Along
16. Round Two?
17. Joy and Resilience
18. Adoption Update
19. What Stands Between Us and Our Dreams?
20. My Books
21. Big News
22. An Unexpected Christmas Gift
23. Happy Holidays To You
24. In Memory of a Dear Friend
25. In Memory of My Parents,
     and an Update on my Egg Donor Cycle
26. More on My Egg Donor Procedure
27. Coming To A Halt
28. It's What You Bring To the Table
29. In Memory of Nicholas
30. We Are On Track Again!
31. A Gift of Clarity
32. Still Waiting
33. Surgery This Week
34. I Am On My Way Again!
35. The Surgery Went Fine
36. Pregnancy Test Results

Book Two: Elizabeth

37. Can You Believe This?
38. Elizabeth Andrea Grames
39. Right Where it Belongs
40. A Whole New Style
41. High Points ~ November 5, 2001

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