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Entry Eight, August 22, 1997

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I am Home

Believe it or not, I am back from surgery! I'm doing well. I am going to lie down in a minute here, but wanted to check in briefly. The good news is that the surgery went very well. The doctor was able to get right into my one good fallopian tube, without any problem. And, considering everything, I'm not feeling too bad. I'm in some discomfort, and feel kind of woozy from the anesthesia and all. But over all, I am okay.

The bad news is that the embryo quality was poor. The andrology lab biologist and my doctor decided to put back four embryos, because of this questionable quality. I am feeling bad about this part. But, as the biologist told me, he has "dealt with funny-looking embryos that are out there walking around, and he has dealt with perfect embryos that never made it." It is not the news we wanted, but there is still some hope that this might work out. Maybe it is not as much hope as we had at first, but it is still hope nonetheless. Please remember us in your thoughts and prayers.

Well, I am going to go lay down for now. I will check in later this weekend.
Kay Grames

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