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Entry Sixteen, October 20, 1997

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Could We Be Looking At Round Two?

I spoke with the egg donor coordinator. They might have another donor in mind for me! It could be that I will not be on the waiting list so long this time. I've requested a donor with a proven track record. They have a donor who has donated before, who had very good egg quality. I am excited about that. We don't know anything for certain. It would probably be a while before a donor would be prepared to start. But I feel pretty good about it nonetheless.

I think my readings on adoption will serve me well, whether we adopt or whether we have a child by donor egg. Donor Gamete pregnancies are called "half of an adoption" in some of my readings. It is not adoption in any legal sense, and the birth parents raise the children. However, at least one of the parents is not the genetic relative of the child. And, the child may have issues corresponding to that. So I feel pretty good about my reading and preparation over all. We are still set for our adoption orientation meeting the week after next as well. Who knows how our family will be built? We only know we want children, and are doing our best to prepare for this, and doing our best to build our family.

There have been some excellent questions posted for me after my last entry! I have been thinking about the answers. (Kay's answers are available here.) One of the questions is a really good one. It is one that I have been asked before on occasion. People ask me why am I so happy, and, how do I bounce back from difficulties so well? I have given this one a lot of pondering and have a variety of assorted thoughts. I have some terrific related book titles as well. I have decided to write my next entry about this very subject and I will look forward to telling you about this next time!
Kay Grames

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