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Entry Twenty, November 30, 1997

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I don't know if you noticed this from my previous entries, but I really like books. The only problem with this is that my house is overflowing with them! We have a long set of built-in shelves in what will be the "baby's room". When I was pregnant with Nicholas, I cleared the shelves off to make room for baby things. I put a zillion books under the bed. (Well, maybe not quite a zillion, but you get the picture). When Nicholas died, I took my pregnancy books and parenting books, and the children's books I had bought for Nicholas, and stacked those under the bed also. Looking at them was just too painful.

Well, I went sorting through my books this weekend. Wow! I have some terrific parenting books! The adoption books I am reading point towards Brazelton's child care books, and Penelope Leach's child care books, which I have. I've also got other basic child care and child development books, books on giving your child a passionate mind, teaching your child values, reading your baby's signals, child safety, all sorts of "parent survival manuals" and parenting advice manuals, some neat books on Piaget and child psychology and development. (Let me remark that I feel more secure and in control if I have some information about something. Plus my friends with children call me, the childless woman, for parenting advice! They want to know what I've read on the subject. That always amuses me and makes me feel good). I think my emotional response to finding these is the really terrific thing! I was very pleased to find these again. Obviously, I have been kind of avoiding them. I do confess to putting the pregnancy books back under the bed, until such time as I need them again! But this is one tiny step forward for me.
Kay Grames

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