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Entry Twenty-one, December 12, 1997

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Big News!

I received very exciting news this week. My husband and I had decided we had better proceed with the next step of the adoption process. I planned to call the adoption agency the following day to schedule the next appointment in our home study process. What actually happened was a little different! The Egg Donor Coordinator left a message on my answering machine! She said she needed to talk to me. I called her back and talked to her voice mail. She called me back and talked to my answering machine. I called her back and talked to her voice mail. You know that game, don't you?

I finally spoke to her this week! They have another egg donor for me. (If you cannot hear fireworks going off in the background, then you need to turn up the volume on your imagination. They are there!!) Nothing is nailed down yet, but I might be starting my medications in a few weeks.

She sounds wonderful!! I would just love to describe her to you, but that would not be respectful of her anonymity. Let me say this. She sounds bright, energetic, and talented. She has some of the same interests as I do. And, she sounds like she physically resembles me somewhat. Her family health history is excellent. And, she has good teeth. I hope you are laughing on the last remark, because I am! I guess dental problems may have some genetic link, and I am always told of the condition of the donor's teeth. I am sure this is good to know. However, it makes me feel like I am purchasing a horse, and that makes me laugh. At any rate, she sounds terrific, and we are very pleased.

Once we find out what our time table is, we are going to schedule the next adoption appointment. We plan to schedule it for a month after my pregnancy test. This way, if I am pregnant I will cancel the adoption appointment. If I am not, we can get moving with building our family through adoption! Either way we win.

Keep your fingers crossed for me! This is big news!!
Kay Grames

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