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Entry Thirty ~ April, 1998

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We're on Track Again!

Life never stands still, does it? We have wonderful news. I have another donor. She actually sounds better than any donor we have had so far. The only thing that she lacks is being a musician (as the other donors were). But she is very healthy, very bright, and has many good qualities. We are very pleased. Our embryo transfer should be in early May.

I have completed my first week of Lupron. I'm really struggling with this, because Lupron makes me so ill. This has been my very worst "first two weeks" on Lupron I have ever had. The way this weekend has gone, I am a little worried about feeling well enough to work. I will handle this one day at a time, and I will get through it.

I have really not felt like broadcasting this good news to the world this time. As I mentioned, this is the fourth donor with whom we have been matched. Our first and third donor withdrew after I started taking my medications. I feel a little cautious. But I also feel very hopeful. Things will work out one way or the other. Wish me luck.
Kay Grames

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