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Entry Thirty-four ~ May, 1998

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I Am On My Way Again!

I will be getting up at 3:30 am tomorrow to go to the hospital for my early morning surgery. So, the big event is only hours away! We received our egg report today. I have received ten eggs from my egg donor, and most of them are mature. We will get our fertilization report tomorrow right before surgery, which will tell us how many eggs fertilized, and, how many (if any) are of good quality. You might remember that last time I received some pretty bad news in the fertilization report; none of the zygotes were of good quality. We will be placing four of the best embryos into my fallopian tubes, and will be cryopreserving any other good embryos that we might have. (Again, last time I did not have any good embryos that made it to the point of cryopreservation.). I still have very mixed feelings about this. I very much want it to work. I still only have a fifty-fifty chance at best. I am still so exhausted from slugging through the Lupron side effects for the past two months. In one sense I just want this ordeal to be over. Yet this might be the procedure that results in a birth child for our family! I am hoping for that result. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.
Kay Grames

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