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Entry Thirty-five ~ May 14, 1998

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The Surgery Went Fine

I am home from the hospital. I did not feel quite well enough to log on yesterday after I got home. I am a little sorer and groggier this time around. The fertilization report is good. We had seven nice looking embryos. Actually, they are technically zygotes. Embryos have divided into several cells. Zygotes are one fertilized cell. The biologist said that they looked bright, clear, and healthy. (You might remember that in my earlier ZIFT, the zygotes were dark and granular, which was bad news). We were very pleased at this report. Four embryos were placed into my left fallopian tube (my only good tube). The other three embryos were cryopreserved. I will have my pregnancy test on May 28. For now, I am supposed to take it fairly easy. I will keep you posted.
Kay Grames

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