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Kaye's Trying to Conceive Journal

Entry 1 ~ September 18, 2008
~ 2 Weddings and . . . a Pregnancy!

I can't believe it! I really didn't have high hopes this month of getting pregnant at all. We hardly tried as efficiently as we could have. With two out-of-town weddings and getting myself ready to go back to school, things were more than a little bit hectic. In fact, I've only been back a week and a half and I'm already swamped with homework. (Not to mention doing household chores and taking care of the dog, etc).

At first I thought my tiredness was due to stress over school or that maybe I was coming down with a cold. But then I started getting moody - more than could be put down to PMS. Even though I didn't have this kind of moodiness last time, I had a feeling that I was pregnant. So, today I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive! Tomorrow I'll call the doctor and get a blood test done to confirm. I'm really happy, but I'm also really stressed. I am not going to feel safe until this pregnancy is past 17 weeks. And, although I wanted to be pregnant, I'm not looking forward to another first trimester during school. But I'm eating better now than I was during my last pregnancy, and I'm starting with more meat on my bones, so hopefully I won't be as exhausted as I was last time. Either way, this is going to be a rough semester - I'm just going to have to take it one day at a time and think of the reward I will (hopefully this time) get at the end.

I will send along another update after I've seen the doctor and have a better idea of how things stand.

~ Kaye

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