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Week 10
~ Infected with Worry

This has not been a fun week. Over the weekend I developed an infection that, aside from being irritating, set me worrying all over again. You see, I had an infection like this one at the end of my last pregnancy that, after we found out I had lost the baby, the doctor said was probably caused by the baby's death. So, of course, I started freaking out. I called the doctor and managed to get in to see him on Monday. I was so happy to get in so fast - not only did I want a cure for the infection, but I was hoping to be able to hear the baby's heartbeat and be reassured about the baby's health. After all, my symptoms have been so mild this time around that anything (or nothing) could be going on in there!

But instead of reassurance I got nothing. The appointment started with the doctor trying to tell me that it probably wasn't an infection at all, that pregnant women always confuse an increase of fluids with an infection, blah, blah, blah. And then he pulled out the swab and saw that it was yellow, and changed tack to say that he was sure it was minor and that no matter what, it had absolutely nothing to do with the health of the baby (despite what he had told me last time). Then he told me that we couldn't listen to the heartbeat because there's no heartbeat at 10 weeks (even though we saw it on an ultrasound last time at 10 weeks). And finally, he sent me home without a prescription because he wanted to wait until the results of the swab came in on Thursday. Well, here it is Friday and I still haven't heard back from the doctor. I called them when I got home from school, but apparently they close early on Fridays, so the earliest I will get a cure for my still irritating infection is Monday!

I am just so frustrated. Not only did I not get a cure, but I didn't get any reassurance either. I have my ultrasound on Thursday, so at least I will know then that everything is ok, but it just seems so far away. Until then there's nothing I can do but try not to worry too, too much. Oh well. At least next week I should have some news (hopefully good news) to relate.

Until then,
~ Kaye

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