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Kaye's Pregnancy Journal

Week 12
~ So Far So Good

Well, we had our IPS ultrasound this week and everything looks ok so far. But we had an ultrasound around this time last pregnancy and it looked ok too, so I can't get too excited yet. The little one was so cute, lying there squirming like an actual baby and sucking its thumb! I have been trying not to get too attached, but I will be really distraught if we lose this one too. Less than two weeks until I get to hear the heartbeat, and I can't wait.

This week has been a bit hard for me regarding the loss of the last pregnancy. Our due date came and went without much fuss, but now that Christmas is approaching I find I am thinking more about what I lost. My friend who had a baby over the summer told me about buying her baby's first Christmas present and I almost started crying. This was supposed to be our first real Christmas as a family and now it's not. I am trying to not dwell on it too much, to think about this pregnancy instead, but because this one is still uncertain as well, it's not much help.

As far as the hypoglycemia goes, I have been doing pretty well on my diet. Except for Wednesday. I decided to reward myself for going to class even though I was exhausted, so I treated myself to a (decaf) Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks. It was so yummy, but I ended up shaking the whole time I was at school. I was afraid I was going to pass out, but I made it home ok. Sigh. I guess it just goes to show me that I can't indulge in sweets. Oh well, only six more months. (Ack!) Christmas is going to be really hard. My husband is trying to come up with some kind of treat I can have in December for my advent calendar. He's thinking maybe 24 days of fancy cheese. He's so cute.

Well, I suppose that is all for this week. Until next week,
~ Kaye

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