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Kaye's Pregnancy Journal

Week 13
~ A Scare

Just when I thought things were going ok, we had a big scare earlier this week. One morning I was awakened at 4am with a horrible pain searing across my abdomen. It only lasted for a few seconds, but it left me panting, it hurt so much. Another one came about 20 minutes later. And then another. Around 7 I got up and used the bathroom, trying to convince myself that maybe it was just gas pains or something. I was relieved to see, at least, that there was no sign of blood, not even a faint trace of spotting. So I went back to bed, just wanting to wait until my OB/GYN's office opened at 8:30, to call them. Miraculously, by 7:30 the pains had gone. I felt almost bruised where they had been, but I didn't have any more active pain. So I decided that maybe it was just gas pain, and went about the rest of my morning like a regular day.

I got to school around 11 and by noon the pain had started up again. So I went and called the OB/GYN only to find out he wasn't in the office that day, and I was told by the receptionist to go straight to the ER. So I called Aaron and he met me there. When we got there it turned out there were at least 4 women having miscarriages in the waiting room, which did not help my state my mind. Fortunately, I only had to wait about an hour and a half before seeing a doctor. By then my pains had subsided again, but I was still emotionally upset. The doctor wheeled in an ultrasound, showed me the little one in there squirming away, with a nice, strong heartbeat and said I was free to go. He said his best guess was that I was having really early Braxton Hicks, but that I should mention it to my OB/GYN next time I saw him (which will be on Tuesday).

And that's my story. I've still been having some pain, although not nearly as severe as it was that day. I've also been experiencing the joys of round ligament pain every time I cough, sneeze, or move too quickly. I am really looking forward to my OB/GYN appointment on Tuesday to find out what he thinks of these pains and to finally get to hear the baby's heartbeat!

Aside from pregnancy things, life has been pretty hectic. It is crunch time at school, and I had three essays due this week with two more due in the two following weeks. I am actually looking forward to exams because it means I'll be done writing essays! It's hard to believe that I'll be graduating in a month. I have no idea what I'm going to do in January. It's really hard because I'll only be available for 3 months, so I guess I'll be looking for temp work. I should be looking for jobs already, but all I can think about is schoolwork right now. I've let everything else slide in order to write all these essays. I am really behind in laundry and housework and about 5 weeks overdue for a haircut. It doesn't help that I'm in bed by 9pm every night. It certainly limits the amount of time I have available to do things.

Anyway, I think that is about all for this week. Until next week,
~ Kaye

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