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Week 15
~ Time to Breathe

I can't believe it, school is finally over. Well, classes are over, I still have exams. But still, now that all my essays are done and I don't have to be in class 20 hours a week (plus lots of travel time) I suddenly have some time to myself! Yesterday I finally went and got my haircut (so long overdue), and also took the time to paint my toenails (yes, I have been this busy!). Mind you, I think it'll be the last time I paint them myself until after the little one is born because I was squishing my belly so much trying to reach down. Sigh. Oh well, it's an excuse to go get pedicures, I guess.

But not all my new-found free time is going towards self-indulgence. I'm also catching up on laundry (seriously, I'm very glad I didn't have to leave the house yesterday, because I'm not sure what I would have worn), and house cleaning and even made a big batch of homemade soup for the freezer. The next step is to decorate for Christmas, do my Christmas baking (sometime next week), and, of course, Christmas shopping. Not to mention applying to temp agencies for work in January.

As far as pregnancy news goes, I went to get my final blood test for my IPS today, so it should be another 10 days or so before I get the results. I cannot wait! And we got scheduled for our next ultrasound - December 23rd. That's when we'll find out if it's a boy or a girl. I really want a girl (I know, I'm so bad), but Aaron admits that he wants a boy, so we're even. We're going to get a DVD of the ultrasound to show our families at Christmas. Oh, and we finally told Aaron's mom this week. I'm showing so much we had to finally break down, even though we were hoping to wait for the IPS results. She was really happy, although not too surprised (I figured she suspected something was up).

Well, I guess that's all for this week. Maybe I'll have my IPS results in time for my next entry (I can hope). Keep your fingers crossed for me!

~ Kaye

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