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Week 16
~ Temporarily Grounded

This week has been pretty quiet. Our city's transit system went on strike this week, and my husband and I don't drive, so we haven't been able to get out much. Luckily we have a grocery store and Walmart nearby (about a 15 minute walk), but with the foot of snow we got this week walking has been a bit tricky for me. Fortunately I've had a lot to do around the house: Christmas baking, cleaning, laundry (there's always laundry), plus working on a take-home exam (which our professor is allowing us to submit by email, thank goodness). Aaron's been working from home, and it's nice to have him here, but since my laptop is broken, my computer time has been limited. Today we decided to take turns on the computer and let the other person do some cleaning. We're hosting a Christmas party tomorrow night, so there's plenty to do.

Next week (after my exam on Monday) I really need to focus on Christmas shopping. I still have about 10 people to buy for, plus I have to get things for Aaron's stocking. A lot of it I can get done at Walmart, but I think I'm also going to have to trek the half hour or so to the closest mall. Fortunately, I've started getting some of that Second Trimester energy I've heard so much about! Unfortunately, though, I think I've also been getting some of that sciatic nerve pain I've heard about too. When it happens my back just seizes up and I have trouble putting weight on my right leg. Fortunately it doesn't last too long, but man does it hurt. I had to let Aaron take our dog for walks a couple of times this week when I was too sore. He's a 65 lb Samoyed who loves to play in the snow, and when he decides to pull it's too hard on my back.

As you can probably tell from my lack of mentioning it, I still haven't received my IPS results (not too surprising since they said 10 days and it's only been 7). I am trying not to think about it too much. We were really hoping to get them by today, because at the party tomorrow it will be very obvious that I'm pregnant and we were hoping to be able to spread the good news. Obviously, we can't try to hide the pregnancy tomorrow, but I just wish we were able to tell everyone that this pregnancy is ok. On the other hand, if the results come back positive (ie. telling us something might be wrong) I would rather not know before the party. So maybe it's better this way after all. But I will definitely have news to share next week, because I will have the results by then; I've decided to call the doctor on Wednesday if I don't hear from them before that - their usual policy is to call only with bad news, but I requested a call either way, and I want to make sure they haven't forgotten.

I guess that's all for this week. Keep your fingers crossed that our IPS results come back negative.

~ Kaye

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