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Week 18
~ Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice

No, the title is not referring to Christmas desserts. It's referring to my little daughter. That's right, it's a girl! Our ultrasound went fairly well. The little one was in there moving around (ok, so maybe I ate a piece of fudge before we went in to give her a sugar high). We got a great video of her trying to do a backwards somersault. It was amazing how much bigger she looked than the last ultrasound and how many details you could see (like the spine and the brain). However, while she was cooperative enough to show us her parts (or lack thereof), she refused to let the ultrasound tech get a good look at her heart, which means I have to go back for another ultrasound in January. Aside from that, though, everything looked good and she appears to be healthy (a big relief).

I have to admit I'm very happy it's a girl. Not that I would have disliked a boy, but I've always wanted a girl. And besides, Aaron and I already have a girl's name picked out that we agree on (although it has become very popular recently, so we may only use it as a middle name) and we absolutely could not agree on a boy's name. Now we just have to fine-tune our decision. I was hoping to keep it secret until she's born, but Aaron already told his family the name we liked and they were already calling her by it! We also want to try and pick out a boy's name too, just in case - after all, ultrasound techs can make mistakes.

I'm afraid our wonderful news overshadowed Christmas a bit. Christmas Eve we stayed overnight at Aaron's grandparents' house (which is just down the street from us) in order to get an early start on Christmas morning. And early it was! None of us slept very well, so we were all up and opening gifts at 6 am! And there were no kids around to wake us up even! After opening gifts I went back to bed and took a two-hour nap, but when I awoke I discovered that the cold I had been fighting since last week had finally beat me. I ended up spending most of the rest of the day in bed, napping and reading, and only got up again for Christmas dinner! I am feeling better this morning, but still not 100%. I'm going to have to take it easy today (easier said than done) because we leave to visit my family tomorrow and I can't be too sick to go! We still have to pack and get ready for that trip, plus I'm supposed to meet up with two friends (separately) today. Maybe I'll just have them come here together and we can order in some pizza and hang out. I'm very excited to go see my family. I haven't seen my little cousins since August, and I know they've grown so much since then. Plus, there's the little matter of telling everyone we're pregnant. It'll be great to see the looks on their faces, especially when they get to see the video!

Anyway, I suppose that is all my news for this week. Hope you all had a good holiday. Tune in next week to see how my family took the news.

Until then,
~ Kaye

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