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Kaye's Pregnancy Journal

Week 21
~ Headaches and a New House

This week I have been having brutal headaches. I tend to get really bad migraines, but they haven't been bad during this pregnancy until this week. For more than three days now I've had rotten pain and blurred vision that just won't go away. Tylenol manages to mute the pain sometimes, but not for long, and I don't want to take too many drugs, so mostly I've just been suffering through. I've tried all my other remedies as well (caffeine, hot tea with lots of sugar, chocolate) but nothing seems to work for very long (I get maybe half an hour of relief from them). Hopefully they'll go away soon. On the bright side, I finally have more energy this week, and have managed to get a good deal of packing done, despite the headaches.

In good news, today is the day we take possession of the house! We had a bit of panic earlier this week when it looked like we wouldn't get the money transferred from our RRSPs in time to make the deposit, but fortunately everything came through at the last minute. Aaron is taking this afternoon off work and we're going to go and pick up the stuff he needs to start on the floors, and then head over to the new house once the keys are available. It's going to be quite a party over there tonight: Aaron's mom, grandparents, and some friends all want to be the "first" to check out the new house. I can't wait to get in and confirm paint colour choices and just walk through "our" house.

Also to do with the new house, my parents have decided to come and visit next week and help out with the painting and packing. As you all may remember from my last entry, my parents and I are not on great terms, and they are planning on staying at our apartment with us. Talk about a headache. I know they're coming to make sure that I don't overextend myself in the next week (they think I caused the loss of the last pregnancy and want to make sure I don't do it again) but so long as they don't actually say that to me again I'll gladly accept their help with all the work that needs to be done. Also, their coming means we'll have access to another vehicle which will be helpful because our city's transit system is STILL on strike (38 days and counting).

In pregnancy news, the baby is still squirming away inside. She tends to be very quiet in the morning and much more active in the evening. Yesterday I felt her kick from the outside for the first time. I had my hand on my belly and she actually managed to move it! I called Aaron over to try and feel it, but of course, by the time he came she had stopped. Some day soon he'll be able to feel her. I can't wait until next week when I get to see her on the ultrasound again (she wouldn't let them see her heart last time).

I'm a little concerned about next week's appointment because I'm not sure if I've gained enough weight this month, but I guess I'll find out. I just haven't been very hungry lately - it might be partially due to the migraines, or the fact that I've been really thirsty and filling up on water and Gatorade instead of food. I'm not starving myself by any means, but I'm also not eating more than I was before I was pregnant. I figure it just means I'm in for a hungry week ahead, since my appetite seems to go in cycles, but Aaron has really been getting on my case about eating more and quizzing me on my food intake. I know he means well, but it's a bit frustrating.

Well, I guess that's it for this week. Tune in next week to see how the house renovations and final stages of packing went (not to mention how well I survived a week with my parents).

Until then,
~ Kaye

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