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Week 22
~ Organized Chaos

This week has been pretty good, although a bit hectic. The new house looks great. The floors are completely finished and the painting should be all done by tomorrow, and the house ready to move in by Sunday! Unfortunately I've been a bit lax in the packing department (something I should be doing now instead of writing my journal ), but I just need so many naps. I really need to get on that. Really.

Things have gone ok with my parents. They've spent most of the time over at the new house with Aaron, and they've been a huge help. I don't know how we would have gotten everything finished without them. Plus my mom brought a chocolate cake (not normally my favourite by any means) but which I have been scarfing down to satisfy my recently developed chocolate cravings.

And speaking of food, my appetite has resumed pregnancy proportions. I have been feasting away constantly the past few days (much to Aaron's relief). As well, I weighed in at the doctor's right where I should be (4 lbs since the last appointment, 10 lbs total for the pregnancy) and the baby weighed in at 1 lb 1 oz, also right on schedule, so Aaron can officially stop harassing me about my food intake. The ultrasound showed that everything looks good. The baby still seems to be a girl (yay!) and apparently she has long legs like her mama. She was napping when the ultrasound started and didn't appreciate being woken up - she kicked the ultrasound wand a good one! Her kicks (and/or punches?) are getting really well defined, and Aaron actually managed to finally feel one this week.

In bad news (and part of what has made the past week so hectic), Aaron's granddad was rushed to the hospital last week and almost died. He seems to be recovering, but the doctors aren't overly certain what's wrong with him and he's being held for observation. Aaron has visited him a few times, but I am trying to avoid the hospital if I can (we have the Norwalk virus going around here and I really don't need to catch it or anything else). I've been trying to help out by supplying Aaron's grandma with food when she wants it, and we've both been there for moral support. I wish we could do more to help, but there's just so much going on here right now.

Well, I guess that's all for this week. Off to go pack some boxes.

Until next week,
~ Kaye

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