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Kaye's Pregnancy Journal

Week 23
~ Home Sweet Home

Well, the move is over, and I am so glad that we don't have to move again any time soon. This was our third move in just over three years, and it was the worst organized one ever. My advice to every pregnant lady out there: don't move while you're pregnant! At least, not unless you hire someone to do all the packing and moving for you. Because we were just moving around the corner from our old apartment we did it ourselves (with the help of a lot of friends), and man, was it a lot of work. We moved half the stuff Saturday and half Sunday, but I was still frantically packing boxes Sunday morning. Fortunately Aaron's aunts (in town to visit Aaron's granddad, who is out of hospital and recovering at home) came over and helped me, or I think I'd still be there! It was very hard for me to be uninvolved - to not lift boxes or move furniture into the right spot. Even though I didn't lift anything heavy, all the packing and unpacking left me with a sore back all week (stupid sciatic nerve, grr).

But now the unpacking is just about finished and the place is starting to look and feel like home. And good thing too since tonight we're hosting Aaron's 30th birthday/a housewarming party, so we needed the place to look decent. Although I was glad to have the incentive to get all the unpacking done quickly, it certainly put some extra stress on me, especially since we also have to prepare food and stuff for tonight as well. Poor Aaron was back at work this week and doing as much as he could each evening, and totally wearing himself out. I did as much as I could too, which wasn't as much as I'd have liked, and can't wait until tomorrow so I can finally rest properly.

The week has also been complicated by the fact that our dog has not adjusted well to the new house. He seems to be fine as long as I am up and doing something, but as soon as I sit down and try to take a break (or nap) he goes nuts, barking and whining and pacing, for up to an hour at a time (or until I get up again). I swear Aaron trained him in order to make sure I get all the unpacking done on time. Seriously though, does anyone have any suggestions? Nothing seems to make him calm down. I've tried walking him, playing with him, petting him, ignoring him, and even spraying him with a water bottle (which used to work to stop his barks, but which he now ignores). Unfortunately, my hormones have also been going crazy this week, leaving me with little tolerance for the lack of rest and constant barking, and I have burst into hysterical tears once or twice. Oh well, hopefully he'll adjust to the new place sooner rather than later.

I don't have too much to report on the baby front. She's still kicking away, although I had a moment of panic on Saturday when I realized I hadn't felt her all day. This was followed by the realization that I had been on the go all day, and once I sat down and had a cold drink I felt her moving again, much to my relief. Needless to say I took things a bit easier on Sunday. Her kicks are getting stronger and occasionally more disruptive. Although they're not enough to wake me up at night yet, I have found that if I am already having trouble sleeping they will keep me awake.

Well, I suppose that's everything for this week. Until next week,

~ Kaye

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