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Week 24
~ Going to the Dogs . . . and Athens!

This week I got some training for what it's going to be like with a newborn, courtesy of my dog Frankie. We think he got into some of the food at the party on Saturday (after the guests had left) and he has been sick for the past few days, waking us up in the middle of the night, needing desperately to go outside. Unfortunately, Aaron never wakes up (how he can sleep through a dog barking is beyond me) so at the start I was the one making the midnight potty runs. After a couple of days, though, I was so sleep deprived that I just started waking him up anyway, and letting him take care of it. I suppose I should just get used to it, after all, I'll be the one getting up to breastfeed in a few months, but I was just so exhausted, plus I'm the one dealing with the sick dog all day. On the bright side, at least a baby doesn't require you to go outside in the freezing cold to take of it.

This week brought some exciting news too. We're going to Athens. Tomorrow. We've known for about a month that Aaron had a meeting/conference there, and Aaron's mom had volunteered her air miles for my flight if I wanted to go, but we didn't find out until Tuesday that he was actually going. So, the past three days have been a whirlwind of laundry (done at the coin wash because our new washer & dryer aren't coming for another two weeks), packing, planning and otherwise preparing for a last-minute vacation. I also used the trip as an excuse to finally get a haircut and treat myself to a pedicure at the local esthetics school (less than half the price of a salon). It's been a bit crazy, but I am looking forward to the warm weather (not beach weather, but definitely spring-like) and some time away from my household responsibilities (like looking after a sick dog) before I get tied down with the baby. Aaron will be stuck in meetings all day, so I'll be on my own in Athens, but it should still be fun. Hopefully I'll have the energy to do all the sightseeing I want to do, but even if I spend a lot of time hanging around the hotel watching tv I'll still be getting some much needed rest. I feel like I've been on the go since before Christmas, and even though I'm done with school and out of work, I think a vacation is just the thing I need right now. And besides, it'll be a great, romantic Valentine's Day for us.

In baby news, I had two whole days to think about the nursery and do some online browsing before the trip to Athens took over all my attention. The room is a pale sage green with white trim, and I'd like to do a jungle theme (I really love giraffes), so I was looking online for some jungle animal decals. Babies R Us had two different patterns that might work, while a baby website from Vancouver had another one. I think when we get back from Athens we'll have to make a trip to Babies R Us and check out the designs in person, and then we can make our decision. I know the baby is still four months away from needing her nursery, but I am anxious to get it set up - I guess I have officially started nesting. I also need to start putting together some kind of registry for my upcoming baby showers, as well as just generally figuring out what we need for the baby.

Speaking of the baby, she is getting to be quite the little dancer (or perhaps boxer?). Her kicks are visible from the outside now. Not enough to tell if it's a hand or foot, but you can definitely see my belly move when she pounds away. It's a little bit weird, to tell the truth, to see my belly moving like that, outside of my control, but fascinating too. I will often now pull up my shirt when she starts so that I can watch my belly jump when she hits it (when I am sitting at home, of course, not out in public ).

Well, I suppose that's it for this week. I will do my best to write my entry on time next week, but bear with me if I'm late, I'm not sure what internet availabilities will be like in Athens.

Until next week,
~ Kaye

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