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Week 25
~ Greece is the Word

This week has been tiring, but fun. Greece is beautiful. The weather is warm (light or no jacket required) and it has been mostly sunny and great for walking around. I've been trying to pace myself, and have been taking naps each day. Monday I went up to the Acropolis (where the most famous ruins are) and wandered around the ancient Greek sites for five hours then came back to the hotel and rested until Aaron came back from his meeting and we went for dinner and more wandering. On Tuesday I took it easy and just wandered around shopping for two hours before retreating back for naptime. Wednesday was another big day, with five hours spent exploring the National Archaeological Museum, while Thursday was another quiet day with only three hours of walking and museum tours.

But perhaps the best thing about Greece is the food. It's been a bit of a struggle finding food that doesn't include deli meats or feta (I checked the internet before coming and couldn't find two sites that agreed whether feta was ok for pregnant ladies or not - I've done my best, but I have broken down and had feta cooked in a dish or two), but there's still plenty I can eat. So far, I've had calamari (breaded, fried squid), souvlaki (marinated pork kebabs), spanikopita (spinach and feta pie), and baklava (dessert pastries drenched in honey). Oh, and lots of Greek yogurt and salads. Yum.

As far as the baby goes, things are still progressing normally. She's been kicking away, stronger than ever (although quieter today than she has been in a while). My belly is growing at an alarming rate - I'm almost afraid to weigh in at the doctor's next week. Not only has this week been all restaurant food, but the previous weeks (while preparing for and recovering from the move) were also filled with more takeout than usual - plus we had lots of birthday cake and sweet treats around then too! Oh well, nothing I can do about it now, except try and eat a bit healthier for the rest of the week (wish me luck with that).

Well, I suppose that's all for this week. I'll try and include a photo of me in Greece in next week's entry (I've been on my own so far, so I don't have any yet, but Aaron will be joining me for Saturday, so I'll hopefully get a few then). I'll also have news from my latest doctor's appointment, including the dreaded weigh-in.

Until next week,
~ Kaye

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