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Week 27
~ Hello, Nurse!

This week started out pretty well; I had lots of energy, we got the washer, dryer and dishwasher installed, we went out shopping for house stuff twice, and I made a start on the baby's room (finally). But Monday morning Aaron woke up sick, and although he went to work, he went straight to bed after dinner that night and didn't start feeling better until Thursday. Unfortunately Frankie chose Monday to raid the garbage bag, and so he wasn't feeling so well either, meaning I got to spend most of my week looking after a sick husband and a sick dog. Yay. Needless to say I've been pretty exhausted this week. It was tricky trying to look after Aaron while also trying not to catch whatever it is he has (nasty cough and fever over 101 degrees). Thankfully both Aaron and Frankie seem to be just about back to normal, so I can finally get some much needed rest now.

The other awful thing that happened this week (not at all related to Aaron and Frankie being sick) is that I developed hemorrhoids. Ugh. Talk about discomfort. They're not too bad, except for when I have to go to the bathroom, but then they're really painful. I'm trying to drink lots of water and up my fibre intake; I hope that works. I don't go back to my Ob/Gyn until the end of March (he's away on vacation), so I hope they don't get any worse. I guess if they do I'll have to go to the walk-in clinic (I don't have a family doctor), but I'm trying to avoid going to a place full of sick people. I suppose I could check in at the pharmacy and see what they recommend. Sigh. Some days I just can't wait for this pregnancy to be over.

As far as the baby goes, her movements are getting stronger. She seems to be lying sideways across my abdomen most of the time, and sometimes she pushes so hard I swear she's going to burst through my side! I know I still have lots of time before birth for her to get into the right position, but she seems pretty comfy the way she is - must be all the leg room. I've noticed that she really seems to like it when I drink chocolate milk (which is three times a day). I don't know if it's the taste, or if she just gets a sugar high, but she always starts squirming when I drink it. At least now I know how to trigger her when I'm feeling nervous about a lack of movement.

Oh, and I suppose my other pregnancy news (or lack of news) is my Glucose Test. It's been over a week and I haven't heard back, so I'm assuming I passed (the office only calls with negative results). I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised, since I've been suffering more with hypoglycemia (which is the opposite of diabetes), but it's still good to know.

The baby's room is slowly starting to come together. We bought a chair for nursing (not a rocker, but it has some movement) and I made some jungle animal art out of felt for the walls. We're supposed to be getting the coupon for the crib, change table and dresser set this weekend, so hopefully we'll have those in there soon too. It's finally starting to look like a baby's room! Now we just need a baby.

Well, I suppose that is all my news for this week. Until next week,
~ Kaye

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